Playlist for The Grind?

The Grind refers to the repetitive, arduous, yet satisfying, daily task of killing basilisks, spamming dungeons and contributing to our meaningful journey of obtaining Stormcry +9 (or for my underachieving self, +0 Frostmetal). In other words, farming.

Does anyone have a favorite song/playlist that they listen to when on The G? Anything at all, from Billboard top 50, Chopin, EDM, ThePianoGuys & Lindsey Stirling collabs to Kdrama/anime OSTs, screamo, 8-bit drummer covers, vocaloids/utaites, etc. Pls share!


  • ArdireArdire ✭✭✭✭✭
    tbh i just youtube swing/electro swing/jazz/bossa nova mix compilations and listen to those most of the time. stuff to keep your mood up and bouncy when you're doing monotonous junk.

    also lately the super mario odyssey OST is bangin
  • Haven't actually heard the mario odyssey OSTs yet, might give it a go!

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