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if your gonna have ZOMBIE drinks, make them really CREEPY!!!!!!

Love Halloween, but I have a real problem with the zombie drinks....They aren't creepy cause I see the persons name, guild, etc on them. But if drinking the juice made you utterly unsearchable and took away your name AND MADE YOU UNSEARCHABLE for the duration....then that would make it a hoot. no one would know who the zombie's not like they can do ANYTHING but grunt, look disgusting and run well; but I think more people would have fun with them if they made you utterly anonymous. for what, ALL OF AN HOUR? lol. i would add a 1-2 min cool-down for possible duel complications.... Just a devious thought...the game would know them, the gm's would, only other players would not know....How game overlooked that from the get go I don't know.


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