$10 Elite Status


Once most of the Elite Status changes are completed please put subscription option on sale much as was done when the level cap increased from 60 to 65.


Further reading:

Elite status is most useful for for the first month after new content is released.
After the first month the usefulness of Elite status is very diminished so there is less incentive to keep it.
Players that renew under the sale rate are more likely to keep their subscription active.

I currently own two 1 month Elite Status scrolls that were purchased with gold. My subscription ended yesterday and I do not plan on using either scroll any time soon. Now I find my self barely playing Tera since Elite wore off and at +5 Stormcry my weapon has reached the point were the amount of repetitive farming needed for a chance to +6 it as well as earn 70 000 gold to keep my elite status going is unreasonable. Also unreasonable in my mind is paying $15 US or $18+ Canadian for Elite status for a game where there are few new challenges for me.

Maybe the upcoming changes to Elite will be interesting enough to get be to renew my subscription. Maybe RKH or RMH will be the reason I decide to go elite again, but if Elite was on sale it would greatly increase the chances of getting and more importantly keeping Elite.


If you don't have elite right now what would it take get you to make the purchase?
If you do have elite but are thinking of dropping it what would it take to get you to keep it?


  • A: I'm still waiting for Elite changes that would actually be beneficial to casual players. Also... BDO's "sub status" allows for unlimited character customization *wink wink*.

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