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Changes to PvP Battlegrounds: Rewards/Jackpot Revamp

I just wanted to offer my own ideas, and hopefully brainstorm with others, on making some changes to the BG rewards. This is a little bit of a rant, but I think it holds valid points for the suggestion that comes at the end. Currently, just as a reminder, these are the following rewards for the remainder of the month via Jackpots:
  • 1x Emerald
  • 4x Titan's Ember
  • 4x Titan's Storm
  • 4x Titan's Ease
  • 4x Titan's Earth

So, these are rather poor options for the jackpot. Especially as you begin to need numerous emeralds, and eventually diamonds, for enchanting gear. I'm not even sure why the titan's materials are dropped in pvp. I suppose it's just another place to farm them, but it's simply not a reliable source right now with the ease of Pit of Petrax, IoD, Ace Dungeons, and so on. As for the emeralds, it just isn't worth doing PvP for a single emerald. With the queue times, if you're lucky (as a damage class), it may take 10 minutes for a quick 3s match. Assuming all the jackpot items are a 20% chance to drop, that's an awfully low chance of being reward a prize holding 1k in value. I've seen emeralds selling for about 1.1-1.2k on broker at times as well. Additionally, if you find a semi decent party, you can run Ravenous Gorge 4 times and obtain 2400 gold just from the vanguard. That's already 2 emeralds off the broker in roughly the same time it took to queue into 3s. I also find that Ghilieglade is much more efficient. While I don't always get emeralds, I have 3 characters I can run it on where the fight itself only takes about 30 seconds. I have a few others that take roughly a minute or less for the fight. While I may not get an emerald, I am stilling getting other materials useful to me for enchanting my gear.

3s queue timer ~4PM EST
3s queue timer ~7PM EST

So, on 3s jackpot day (this a screenshot from earlier today 11/15) it's still rather slow. Going into more of a prime time, things definitely picked up, but it's not what it used to be. Now, here's where I think BGs can use some changes. I'll go in order of the battlegrounds and then talk about the jackpot.

Corsair's Stronghold: Let's open this up to level 30s again. While I know many have mixed feelings about this, I think allowing level 30s and above to queue for CS will greatly decrease the queue time and it will allow players to get a feel for some basic PvP early on. I think one of the issues PvP is rather slow at 65 is because it's something only for those at level 65. There is no longer any real PvP BG for players still leveling. I think if we allow these players back into the CS queues, it will definitely create more of an interest to those currently leveling and they will be more likely to give it a try at level 65. As for the rewards of CS, as this is being opened to level 30s, I think there also needs to be a huge incentive for them to want to do this. I think this many receive some mixed opinions, but I feel that changing the reward box to reflect a higher drop rate of emeralds may create some incentive for all players to keep playing CS. Additionally, I would try to change the reward box to reflect the FWC reward box. Make the rewards universally useful. This way, as new players level up, they will have a bit of a head start on materials and can enjoy endgame a little faster.

Fraywind Canyon: Only concern about FWC is that the reward box, currently, is much more valuable than any other BG. Because of this, only FWC seems to get popular on jackpot days. Some of the other BGs still seem a bit slow. Additionally, you even get a box when you lose. So, at the very least, you're coming out of FWC with something. I honestly think that is a great system and I think it should be implemented to other battlegrounds. I'll touch on that a bit more later.

Gridiron: Grid is sort of in the same position as CS. I don't think it should be opened to level 30s, but I think the rewards could be upgraded a bit. The current jackpot system is not enough to make it worth the wait and queue time, in my opinion.

Champion's Skyring: While I may not be the best PvPer out there, I seem to enjoy 3s the most. All of the others have some sort of catch to it that separates them from from being a "true" PvP experience. CS is more like a castle siege with siege weapons and bombs, grid has the various crystals, and FWC has the BAMs and point captures. While those don't make the BGs any less of a PvP BG, they don't have the beauty of simplicity that you find in 3s. Just a nice 3 v 3 match with no catch. However, even 3s is barely worth the time for the reward. The first match I did rewarded 4x Titan's Embers, and the second reward 4x Titan's Storm. Each queue took about 15 minutes, followed by another 5-8 minutes for the matches. Someone who decided to do 4x RG in the same amount of time is already ahead of me, even assuming I won both times.

Battleground Jackpots: Here is where my issues with the jackpots begin. If you really want to make use of the current jackpots, you better be winning 100% of your BGs. Unfortunately, that is simply not logical. Even at 50%, you are still relying on the 20% emerald to show up. So basically the likely hood of you winning an emerald, assuming you have a 50% win rate, is about 10%. As many people active in the PvP battlegrounds know, it's very hard for 1 person to make an impact on the match (excluding 3s). It really is a team effort in the end. As of recent, especially in FWC and Grid, I've noticed that one side generally dominates the entire match. Albeit there for some exceptions, but I find those to be a bit more rare. I think the following rewards, in order of how rare they should be (based on my opinion), would be most worth the time spent in a BG:
  • 2x Reward boxes (so instead of 5, you get 10).
  • 1x Diamond
  • 5x Emeralds
  • 3x Emeralds
  • 1x Titan's Essence Box (Player chooses 4x of the following: Titan's Earth, Titan's Fire, Titan's Peace, Titan's Storm)
  • 1x Emerald

Reward Boxes: Basically, the current FWC reward box should be offered in all BGs. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe FWC currently gives 6x of the box to the winning team and 1x to the losing team. These boxes will drop everything from wood scraps to essences. Obviously the rarer the material, the less you get if you actually get one. This provides an effective way for people to gear up if they want spend a large portion of their time doing PvP. With that being said, I think this should be replicated in BGs as follows:

Corsair's Stronghold: 3 per win. 1 per loss.
Fraywind Canyon: 5 per win. 1 per loss.
Gridiron: 5 per win. 1 per loss.
Champion's Skyring: 3 per win. 1 per loss.

Please excuse the makeshift table. I'll make a proper one when I have the time and update it. But this should illustrate my point. Now with this, it really adds a lot more incentive to PvP matches.

So, TERA community, what are your thoughts? What do you think we can do to breathe some life back into the BGs?


  • BorsucBorsuc ✭✭✭
    edited December 2017
    I don't think anyone reads this section, ever (only reason I'm aware of it is because you "shamelessly plugged it" hah). EME certainly don't give a [filtered]. Falls on deaf ears.

    I fully support it though (as if that means anything, lmao).
  • That may be true. To be honest, I figured more people would actually look here than the actual PvP section haha. Perhaps i'll toss out a @Spacecats and @Halrath to see what they think. Should we perhaps move this to the actual PvP discussion as opposed to a suggestion? I'd be more than happy to just copy and paste the thread over there.

    But yeah, I've been trying to reach out to people when I have some time. Normally in-game and now with me shamelessness in plugging it elsewhere! So we'll see what happens I suppose.
  • t's fair, the prize is too small, imagine how long it would take for a pvp player to make his set just by doing battlegrounds.
  • Yeah PVP queues need rework. Not getting even 6 people for skyring is ridiculous.
  • ToxicDemiseToxicDemise ✭✭
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    The fact remains that a lot of people do not like Champion Skyring.. Having it on the schedule only appeases a very minuscule portion of the TERA pvp population. I personally hate CS, and even till this day I think it's meant to be an arena only. It's not a battleground by any means and therefor shouldn't even be on the LIST for jackpot rewards. It definitely shouldn't occupy two days out of the week!! The days when Champion Skyring were on the calendar I would be found camping in town if I were online. Now that FW has been queueing on those specific days since a lot of people really DO NOT like Champion Skyring I've been in FW those days.

    Champion Skyring should be rewarded in an entirely different way to appease players who enjoy the arena atmosphere. So I am not saying they should be shafted but instead given different rewards. It would be really cool for those players if some sort of pvp ranking system was put into place for that dungeon altogether. Sort of like it is in other MMO's like WOW when it comes to team/solo ratings etc.

    I agree with the entirety of your post though.. as I THINK the titan rewards are nothing but a joke..The only thing I would change is that Corsairs would be 6 per win like it is now. As it's one of the longest time consuming battlegrounds aside from FW. FW should also be 6 for a win. I also think that the losers reward should be 2 instead of 1. Gridiron could probably follow behind with maybe 3-5 for a win. Champion Skyring needs to be removed from the Jackpot schedule altogether.

    Corsair's Stronghold: 3 per win. 1 per loss.
    Fraywind Canyon: 5 per win. 1 per loss.
    Gridiron: 5 per win. 1 per loss.
    Champion's Skyring: 3 per win. 1 per loss.

  • Champion Skyring should be rewarded in an entirely different way to appease players who enjoy the arena atmosphere. So I am not saying they should be shafted but instead given different rewards. It would be really cool for those players if some sort of pvp ranking system was put into place for that dungeon altogether. Sort of like it is in other MMO's like WOW when it comes to team/solo ratings etc.

    That's a really good point. This actually reminds me of bloodrave gear years ago from FWC. While I don't see that exact system being brought back, perhaps something similar to reward rankings at the end of each PvP season could maybe increase the interest. Do you have any ideas as to what might be good rewards? Off the top of my head I was thinking, as an end of season reward, perhaps a few essences (2-3) for rank 1 and maybe 1 to ranks 2-5 or something. And finally something for ranks 6-10 to sort of round things out. I'd be slightly concerned throwing in too much, assuming it's an end of season reward, as it's meant to be a bonus for achieving your rank. Or maybe a nice fancy title for rank 1. Everyone likes bragging rights.
  • I had a 1 hour+ queue time on CS the other day. Some other insane queue times on other BGs too. Quickest queue time I remember is about 10 minutes for KR. As someone who plays quite a lot of BGs, I agree. We need some sort of change to encourage people to queue up again. These times are insane.
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