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add extra loot to all 4-star dungeon bosses



  • im get rare nocterium elixir in sc
  • > @Ryvenn said:
    > Enlightening wrote: »
    > Has any one found out what the Extra loot is?
    > Some guildies got dyeable party dress loot boxes and plaid scarves. All I got was a few disco [filtered].

    This censoring system :lol:
  • Has any one found out what the Extra loot is?

    lol playing tera for years and i never click the notice on the calendar before...

    "During this time, bonus loot is available from 3 star and 4 star bosses on death. The loot table are different between 3 star and 4 star bosses, but will include rare item such as the purple E-Line Coupe,Bruiseweave Stole, and Nuthatch Weapon Skins. Also included are consumable disco [filtered], big head potions, extra enchanting materials, and more."
  • Did 3+ runs 4 star didn't get anything. Already three weeks I don't see anything from there besides two ench mats. Either my char bugged or I'm cursed but its discouraging to never get anything.
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