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Event ended?



  • Sateva wrote: »

  • Eh, big deal. Anyone with a full time job wouldn't have even noticed
  • Tenutos wrote: »
    Sucks. Had I known it was going to end earlier than it was advertised, I would've gotten on earlier. What the hell? :/

    same. lol. i was about to come 2h earlier to finish the gg + pp before the event ends.. but it got me. haha
  • Extra day plox :^) hueee
  • RIP. At least I got my IoD dailies done before it ended.
  • Eh, big deal. Anyone with a full time job wouldn't have even noticed

    I have a full time job. I allocated enough time before I left this morning to get my Ghilli and Pit done since it was supposed to end when advertised.
    Im sure a [filtered] ton of other people are in the same boat, Thx.
  • and btw the turbo buff is still here.. only the triple drop is gone
  • ... ... ...
    added more dots cause body length too short, but really... the [filtered]... eme...
  • (┛✧Д✧))┛彡┻━┻
  • Now let's wait for some [filtered] explanation to defend or excuse yourself. Like you cared about all this.
  • EME pls restart the triple drops!!
  • Well this is annoying.
  • LilMsQTayLilMsQTay ✭✭✭
    edited November 2017
    yep, confirmed, just did Ghill and Triple is off =/ I got reg drop rate
  • Ughhh didnt finish my daily ghile and pit, i planned to do this in these last two hoursx.x got less loot from one run.Funny thing, I bought elite today for that triple drop. GJ EMEXD
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