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Server merge



  • Primmyyy wrote: »
    just merge all servers into one big pvp server. screw the pve carebears

    yea, and enables pvp again, winners always be pk lowies in cresencia huehue
  • the server population is fine on the other servers people just cry because they are noobs

    server merge has too many problems servers might not be big enough for all the players!! and peoples names surely they dont wana give them up!!!
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    As I've said before, the biggest problem with server merges is character overflow -- you're easily getting to the point now where an increased number of people will have to delete characters after a merge to keep playing. Right now, there's no way to migrate cash shop cosmetics from one character to another, so making people delete those characters is a big issue. Even if you had EME do it manually, it'd be a potentially monstrous task. So until they have a proper solution to those types of problems, I don't think a server merge is a good idea. It's well past the point of just worrying about names.

    I'd also like to say that the whole "they're not doing it because they make money from server transfers" isn't quite right either. The whole reason you charge for server transfers is as a disincentive, knowing full well that the vast majority of your playerbase will never pay anything regardless. It's specifically to encourage people to bloom where they're planted. Given that most people will never pay a cent in any F2P game, the idea that they're keeping people miserable to make them pay is crazy -- most people won't pay anything, and those people will just flat out leave. Having less F2P players hurts EME a lot more than some $15/25 nuisance fee, and they know that.

    Basically, people are oversimplifying the problem and then insinuating that the only reason not to do what they want is because of greed. And that sort of poisoned well premise isn't a good place to have a discussion about pros and cons, even if you personally feel your reasons for wanting a merger are more important than any of the other considerations. I'm not categorically opposed to any merger, I just want to make sure that all the issues are fully-addressed first, and as of now the issues have not been addressed.
  • server merges wont fix the reason people leave the game in the first place. fix the issues, and people will stay and maybe return. then you will get more new players. many f2p players are scared to spend 100s in a game that they feel isn't going to last much longer. they also don't want to spend money in a game where the developers wont fix the problems people have with the game. when a company keeps removing content while others are adding content, people are kinda hesitant.
    also if you have a server merge to where you only have 2 servers, what happens when an event brings more people to play again even if its only for a short time? what if bhs fixes all the issues that many people have been complaining about and the servers are all merged and they get flooded with new or returning players.
    I would love to see all the old content brought back. I would love to see solutions to the problems being addressed by bhs. I would love to see full servers again. I will keep hoping and stay until they close the doors.
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