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dyad structure

i'm pretty sure many players will agree with me. can you please remove blue dyad structures from elite box and replace it with smart ones. i have nearly 200 blue ones and don't attempt to use them since we have more than enough rng in this game :D


  • Yeah completely agree normal dyad is totally useless, and should have been removed long ago, but not gonna hold my breath for that to happen anytime soon tbh.
  • im guess is the same with superior nocterium

    but, you know, people say this is "p2w" stuff since you can get besides events
  • Would be nice to happen but..
  • But never.

    And no hopes on event too. TRnm after previous event kyra was unbearable. Doing same dungeon is not interesting. Also its sorta harder (than AB of previous event and both 3star too at this point) as we have to deal with those who have no idea about wipe mechanics. Its frustrating that i have to work as teacher all day long just to get a CHANCE to win my smart dyad. And previous event when chat was broken in general (not for everyone) was lame rewarding. 8 runs every day and only 3 smart dyads. Meh..

    I'm trying to hope that eme will make another event with them as they promised. Really trying. And I hope they remember that they promis to make it rewarding.
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