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Civil Unrest Tower Question

i've been trying to place a tower in CU on many spots. but its not letting me. but in the time of trying it i found many other towers, and some of them are placed on mountains. but i cant. i tried to find some youtube videos and see the possible spots, but even if i go to the same spots it just doesnt let me. even if i try in the middle of the road....im sure there is no nearby tower and it has enough space for a tower, but just cant, is there any trick?
help pls xD

the video of the spots:


  • LessThanNoneLessThanNone ✭✭✭
    edited November 2017
    The video you linked was from a year ago, since then the area where you can place towers has shrunk. If you open the map with "m" you will see that there are lines through the areas where you can no longer place your tower. Other than that, there must be 10m of flat ground around the spot where you're placing it. The easiest way to test this is to add the tower to a hotkey and spam it as you move around the spot you want to place it. If you're lucky you'll find a place to put it, if not move on and try somewhere else.
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