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For the love Of Popo change loading screens



  • Spacecats wrote: »
    GOOD NEWS - A new loading screen contest has been announced!

    Check out today's post for contest details. If you have artist friends (or you're an artist yourself) help spread the word so we get some awesome entries to show off. Deadline is January 2.


    Again elin, why no popori loading screen contest, that race is very underestimated :(
  • Bootup wrote: »
    I do feel a couple of the loading screens are bordering on pedifilia. With all the pedifiles in the world as it is, we dont need more to fuel them. Dont get me wrong, put some pictures of someone "that could be a young looking age 18" and take all their clothes off would be better imo.

    What do you mean by "fuel them"? Do you really think they're going to TERA's loading screens for, erm... "fuel"?
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