Improved Achievement Interface & Tracking QoL

Hey, welcome to 2017, almost 2018 now and Tera has been up for how long? Quality of Life is important, especially for an aging game. Help keep what ever playerbase you actually have left and make their lives easier, kay? It's time for an improvement on achievements (realistically everything in this game needs heavy improvements, but let's start small lmfao). Two easy steps:

1) Add a search bar for players to find a specific achievement. *Insert Gordon Ramsay voice* NO LONGER should they need to click each individual tab and scroll through DOZENS of achievements to find what they're after.

2) *More Gordon Ramsay voice* Create a beautiful, DELICIOUS, fragrant TRACKING SYSTEM for achievements. A new icon should appear next to the minimize/maximize icon of any achievement allowing you to push your finger down on the left click and creating a transparent interface below your minimap (or wherever you wish to drag it to) with the text of what to do and how many is remaining until completion.

Very simple, very helpful. How this hasn't been in the game yet is bonkers, and I'm sure many people have suggested it. Make Tera great.


  • Completly agree!
    Or make links to achievment . when achievment include inside to complete others.
    Or add functionality to copy/past achievmens ' names.
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