Argon Corpus Question.

Ok so Im about 1/2 way through taking down the first BAM in Argon Corpus, and I suddenly seem to be under the floor somehow. I can hear the mob still bashing HB, but I'm .... where ever I was, looked for a good few minutes, no sign of an exit; no apparent path to climb out.

So was this a Glitch, or some sort of Puzzle that I just had no clue about working out? TY BB.


  • Glitch. You're not supposed to be under the floor at any point.
  • : ) TY, I'm god aweful at Dungeon Puzzles so I was not sure If I was just missing the way out.
    Ty again Ta.
  • Just re-log and if still bugged restart comp.
  • Blackbirdx61Blackbirdx61 ✭✭
    edited December 2017
    Did relog in, Just never seen anything like that in Tera before, but it reminded me of Shiro's banishment sKill in GW1. Thought i might have been tossed into some sort of Dimensional Void. : ) All good now.
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