DS4 Support

This is not a bug, this is a new feature that is implemented horribly. This game used to have only support for the Xbox controller. That was fine for me because I used a program that allowed me to customize the controls for the DS4 the way I wanted. This new patch for 12-7-2017 now implements DS4 support and it is horrible because the layout cannot be changed to the way I play. I just recently put about $100.00 into this game. I have eight nephews who are looking for a new game. I will make sure they do not play any En Masse game.


  • counterpointcounterpoint ✭✭✭✭✭
    I'm pretty sure that, so long as you are still using a program that causes a DS4 to emulate an Xbox controller and this is the default, it will still use all your old layouts. I don't think the game is actually able to overwrite that internally, since it interfaces with the computer's own DirectX controller support.

    That being said, the in-game controller system does also allow you to customize almost all the buttons as you wish. You can bring up the controller menu with /controller. It's not perfect, but I do also think you can continue to use whatever program you were using before to remap and emulate.
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