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Stop enticing new players to buy your "crazy 74% off bundles" lying



  • Who cares about retention at this point tbh
  • They're right. This is literally the first time I've seen Counterpoint get pissed. and I've been lurking here for years!
  • Are you seriously blaming a company for promoting itself, while finding new ways to reach into peoples wallets? lol

    Okay i`ll say it differently. Look, you're basically right, okay. Its a greasy scam. Hands off. Calling Argon Front gear as "high-end" was abit too much, and I can understand why newcomers might find that as being misleading. When I saw it even I was, like, "high-end? really? was that the only way to describe that? lol". But there in lays a small part of my point. You see, I am sure that some people out here could argue with you that this promotion (that's what it is) is aimed at new players, almost exclusively. And some people can also say that what you are doing, is that you're basically judging this case through you're own point of view, as someone that's already familiar with the game and its aspects. Now, I dunno how many newcomers you met, but the ones that I have met... well... lets just say that a fresh player is not likely to reach level 65 in 3h, okay? id even say that some of them might even waste one hour just creating their character. You know, because the default faces are meh. See the problem in my opinion, is that both of those arguments (veteran common sense vs exploited noobs) are.. well.. no offense, kind of boring and useless. Its nitpicking over a promotion that doesn't really effect either of you.

    Besides. If you think about it, if they don`t scam newcomers, then who are they going to scam? I mean supposedly they can`t scam veterans like you, right. Most veterans and even average players already know how to obtain things for free. They need some kind of a source of income to keep the game going, or at the very least, have something to offer new players. And in a promotion like this, what do you expect them to say exactly? think about this.

    Would you play a game that tells you THIS: "Welcome to Tera! its F2P! so don`t bother with EMP - we have a more popular game sponsoring us anyway (google it) - so don`t bother paying us for a level 60 scroll, just get a friend to powerlevel you! you need gear? no problem! join a guild that doesn't mind carrying you. You're going to be carried for at least several weeks anyway, so why not! its going to take you even longer to enchant everything. Oh, you want outfits? mounts? well we overprice stuff from 2014, and the none-flying mounts are basically useless - so don`t bother paying us, get into crafting! get rich in a week so you won`t even need EMP!".

    I`m being sarcastic, obviously. But what I said would be equally unfair to the developers. I hope you get what i`m trying to say. Game developers want money even from a F2P game. You can either deal with it, or drug yourself to the point obscurity so you won`t have to deal with pesky realities such as this. Though if you insist on seeing a real evil corporation that steps on the little guy, well.. then you don`t need to look so far. Just go to the bank.
  • High-end means 'superior'.
    Its a yellow type of gear. This game have 4 types of rarity. Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Superior.
    'Level 58 high-end gear' is pretty much self explanatory, tbh...

  • edited December 2017
    Ray676 wrote: »
    The Level 60 Scroll normally costs 4995 EMP and includes no gear.
    30-days of Elite normally costs $14.95 (although this is 15 days, so cut it in half).

    So, the claim that "this would run you well over 5,500 EMP" is met even without counting the gear at all. It's 74% off the price of the scroll + Elite, with gear thrown in as a bonus.

    The "high-end gear" is compared to the nothing you normally get with a scroll (so you can kill your bears with level 1 gear?). I think you're getting hung up over nothing, to be honest.


    I wouldn't know, but if your argument is so weak that it can't stand up to simple math proving the claim objectively wrong, you won't convince anyone who actually matters. At worse, we're talking about one poor choice of words, and it's hardly worth all this drama. But, by all means, continue this impotent rage.
  • voidyvoidy ✭✭✭✭✭
    A sucker is born every minute. We know this deal isn't worth it because we've been around the block, but they'll catch a few people with this bad deal and that's all that matters. I honestly feel really bad for the new player who zips straight to 60; they're bound to be confused as hell with all their new skills and stuff.
  • ChidoChido ✭✭✭
    As a returning player that doesnt know the fastests way to level to 60 this seems like a good deal. Spending 15 dollars has far more value than spending a few evenings after work working on leveling.
  • vkobevkobe ✭✭✭✭✭
    yup work one hour and buy level 60 scroll :3

    is faster than level up in 6 h ;)
  • rexoerexoe ✭✭✭
    ive heard the new eme staff went into an EA and Activision course of how to lootbox and how to throw away an ip
  • aeee98aeee98 ✭✭✭✭
    1) Let's be honest, most newbies don't know how to play even when levelling to 60 normally. Half of the newbies I talk to levelled with mostly Kumas Royale, which again doesn't teach anything at all. I had to teach them the basics, let them die tons of times over and over for them to learn.

    2) Not all newbies like levelling. I personally would want to skip the levelling process to get close to my friends who is usually in endgame, that is in all games.

    3) Comparing point 2), it would make more sense for me to get the level 60 scroll instead of spending days on content that doesn't even matter.

    4) The only reason why level 60 scrolls are rarely bought is because of its high price. The huge discount incentivises the newbie to buy stuff.

    5) No veteran would buy this package unless said level 60 scroll is tradable or givable to friends, or if they want to make an alt but is just too lazy to do the levelling process.
  • its not a bad deal compared to what it usually costs. poor wording on the description or not.
  • ElinLoveElinLove ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2017
    kubitoid wrote: »
    enemy type: counterpoint
    status: active
    rage mode: ON

    Don't aggro him, he one shots
  • StarkhoeStarkhoe ✭✭✭
    edited December 2017
    Ray676 wrote: »
    How's that EME [filtered] taste bud? make sure you cup the [filtered] too, eme shill dog

    I`m going to be perfectly honest with you. I don`t usually care when I see people going at each others throat. In most cases it amuses me, and the anarchist in me thinks that humbling someone, especially council members, can be a good thing sometimes. When people feel too comfortable at their seats, it can turn them sloppy and arrogant. Not to mention lazy. So to that extent, i`m not going to bother you with moral conduct, and I trust that by now you can clearly understand that the only opinion I support is my own. There is a cretin freedom in that. See? i`m not an advocate of EME, and I don`t care about either of you. Felt like I should mention that so you will not confuse between arguments and statements.

    That being said.. what you are doing right now is tasteless, pointless and ignorant (statements/opinions). This is what you're reply looks like. Look, I don`t know you're history with Counterpoint mind you, however, from what I can tell he generally has good intentions and he wants to believe in the game and in its community. He mostly wants to help. Which is ALOT more then I can say for myself. However. While its true that he might be bias towards cretin subjects, as a council member would be (common sense), he certainly does not go around attacking people on a personal level. And I really think that all this salt you're throwing at him, isn't called for and its rather silly. You're hating on a individual person, when you're complaints should be aimed at the system itself. I mean you're implying that he is a "EME lackey", right? so if we follow that trail of thought, what kinda idiot goes to a store and complains about a product before a salesmen, instead of going directly to the manager? like, you can hate Bill Gates, but chances are that you're still using Windows. Same idea.

    And on that note, ive taken the library to read some of you're posts in other places, trying to understand where you're animosity comes from. And the common "motif" you seem to have, are complaints at the game and its developers. You should know that taking that out on him isn't going to change anything. What you're doing right now, just makes you come out stupid. See i`m not going to tell you some self righteous crap like: "lets all be friends and work together to make the game great!". I`m not going to tell you that because that would fail. Why? well first off Its not THAT great of a game, and, lets face it, you couldn't pull off a Boycott on Tera, even if you wanted too. Second, when you insult people like a child would, you will only earn the respect of people that don`t matter. You did not accomplish anything by doing this.

    Before you attempt to come at me with some forth-grade comeback and insinuations, please understand that i`m not doing this for his sake at all. As I said before, I don`t care about either of you. I`m doing this for my own sake, being as I am allergic to stupidity. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • KhatarsisKhatarsis ✭✭
    edited December 2017
    Hey the 5.500 emp steal for 74% is crazy, dude you get a TurdUcken hat, you can wear a turdhat, no tinfoil required.
    EME's feedback to your problems is, drum roll baby, wear a turdhat.
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