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We Play on conventional Notebook, HALP!

Hello dear people of Enmasse.
I know it will be a bit annoying to ask this for many people who have their Super-PCs, or for those who really do not agree with the mods in the games.
But I want to go straight to the point, would be kind enough to do some file S1Engine for users who play with low performance notebooks, which has the same configuration used in Civil Unrest (I have seen when the message appears and actually helps me).
Many people I know play Tera but in their conventional notebooks, the cheap, as long as it is to vitiate, we play whenever, and WITH WHATEVER.
EME make a file for us. It is difficult to buy a notebook gamer, or put together a desktop PC gamer.
In advance Super.Potato dismisses: relieved:


  • ElinLoveElinLove ✭✭✭✭✭
    To be fair there's only so far you can push the bar too.
    I mean, it does sound like you're taking it WAY too far too. Cheap laptop running TERA? Well that is downright that "pushing it too far" type.

    My GTX 550 Ti runs it on max graphics around 30 FPS, when lots of people enter a zone I do need to get down in graphics (tho lowest setting also goes like 80 FPS cap). That's already 5 years (or was it 6) old graphics card. Laptops with a decent GPU that has that performance have been around for a while.

    Now if you just go with "muh HD Graphics 2000 mobile must run it" that IS stretching it too far frankly. That's not even optimization anymore, that's downright sorcery.
  • And here i'm getting 20-35 fps in velika and dungeons with exactly the later igpu faimliy u mentioned and a I3 2120 :s

    The game can run properly for most users when optimized with what it's avaiable for users. I completely agree on that 20-35 fps is still awful but if it weren't for the heavy particle effects that you're forced to use + stupid ui + other pletora of bad quality stuff done you'd be able to run the game with similar specs at 35-45fps or so(Could be even better with their help), the tools we have avaiable show this :sweat_smile: although i wouldn't call such framerate good at the lowest settings it's still quite bearable for crappy specs.

    Now imagine if BHS actually put time on it, Haha(Well tbh for what it's known about the game internally works i wouldn't ever expect anything good :/).

    I can vouch on that a far more optimized ini file would help a lot but the relevant ones needs to be in options menu since while they help they're still a quality loss depending of the option, tera simply doesn't offer the best of it, there's a lot of things that you simply can't turn off without editing config.

    They could at least change the fov and disable mouse smoothing though...plus some limit particles a bit. Not a lot, just have a number instead of infinite...
  • NedyleneNedylene ✭✭
    edited January 2018
    I have long re-optimized and I re-size a great deal of textures of npcs, costumes, pets, monsters and mounts. The result is FPS boost, less demand to RAM, CPU and GPU. For sure these re-textures would help to those with laptops as also with low end PCs or those with old GPUs. I never released them in public because I don't know if it would be a problem against EME and BHS.

    Anyway, it is a lot of work but this is one options. About to re-size a great deal of texture pack files.

    To show an example about re-sizing the textures. Some time ago, I applied the same process for another game called Fallout 4, which I released that to public. You can read the description and some comments in there, so you can understand a bit more the result of this process. https://nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/606/?
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