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TERA: Rise of The Fallen?



  • Aaand this thread has stopped being productive. How typical and how frustrating.

    @counterpoint I don't know if its what you mean to do or set out to do, but your answers are just a lot of "there's nothing we can do". You've turned this away from being about what we want to do and what we can do to positively change the game and made it into a this is why things are they way they are thread. It destroys any positive momentum. Just look a the thread before you joined then after. I don't know if that's a player council members real job or what. But you're here and no one from eme is regardless of specific questions asked or actionable feedback given.

    Brother, if you really want this game to change you should take a long look at how you respond to people in these forums. Why would eme respond to this (or any) thread when they have you to come in and explain everything away for them?

    This is not an attack, I really don't think this is your intent, but I do think you've been doing this so long its second nature. You have insights not many have, this could be used for change rather than used to pacify. Stop explaining everything away and start giving ideas for what we as a player base CAN do not why we cant do things. You have all the insight as to why things are they way they are, so what can we do?

    If you feel something needs to be explained, great, honestly, thanks for the insight, but move on to what can be done about it. What we need is what action we can take, not the explanation of why we can't take action.

    If the petition to eme wont work, how about how about a petition to players to go a month with no emp buys, nothing from their shop bought for a month? All elite shut off for a month and nothing from their shop for a month?

    Doesn't it seem silly to go this route? Doesn't it seem like there should be some other way to get eme to listen or to at least engage in *meaningful* conversation? We have to hurt the game we want to change in order to get some sort of voice?

    As a submission: We DO have a representative for bhs development in our market, and they have a community manager. its eme... and they have a specific job called... "community manager".

    If they have a specific job called community manager, why is there a player council? If there is a player council why aren't there specific meetings with the members?

    Is it because its a façade, meant to placate and pacify? As long as we the paying pawns keep falling for it and explaining things away instead of demanding real change, nothing will change.

    Awesome game, great animations, great combat, wonderful character detail and costumes but it only lasts 2-3 months then your done. It could *easily* be changed and there are tons of incredible suggestions for how to do so. But, we have no idea if any of them are being listened to because eme (our representative to bhs) is silent and nothing changes.

    Its really, too bad.
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    @Meshak Most player councils from games are only a facade, you should already figure out that.

    That means they will give feedback but if that is not something the game company likes then it will be ignored, or as counterpoint stated, it will be lost between the diferent people that it needs aproval.

    What I don't really understand is why publishers can't ask devs for exclusive stuff for their regions anymore?

    It is clear that Korea likes things diferent than EU and NA. There should not be locks for publishers to make changes on rewards for the diferent content we have. Publishers should even have tools to boost the content in the game to make it more apealing for their market.

    Being tied to walk a single road is what I think has been the main mistake from BHS, they continue working to please Korean and Japanese markets and they try to impose that on other regions killing the flexibility a company should get when trying to compete in a diferent region.

    Something is quite not right if every publisher can't have something exclusive for his region, when you look at other markets and you see that Korean server has more exclusive things than the other regions then you can think that other regions are not important for them, because "why should I apeal the NA market and maybe fail in sales when I only need to make cash shop items to apeal to my fatter cash cows?" is what you can conclude BHS is thinking when doing something new for Tera.

    Korea has exclusive costumes, Korea has talent system (exclusive for them) and Korea is always the first region to get updates. I know the game is korean but at this point after 6 years there is not a good reason to not invest in a world wide date to release their content. Common, they don't even fix bugs they detected on the korean servers 2-3 months before that content arrive our servers then there is not real reason to delay content to other regions.

    At this point I think BHS does not care if what happened to Chinesse servers will repeat to other regions while they can make happy to Koreans and Japanese players.

    If BHS really doesn't care then "stop buying cash shop items" will only result on NA servers to close and EME to move on their other games.

    What we can do?

    Continue giving feedback.

    Will that work?

    I doubt it but nothing is lost to share a piece of our mind.
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    Meshak wrote: »
    It destroys any positive momentum. Just look a the thread before you joined then after. I don't know if that's a player council members real job or what.

    I spent hours composing the explanations in this thread because that's what I can contribute to this fight: perspective on the bigger picture. I'm using my experience to tell you what you're up against. Most of the stuff I'm explaining, I doubt EME will ever share because it's too "internal politics" for them to say outright unless you read between the lines. That's why I'm sharing it instead. That's what I can do for you. Do you think I haven't tried everything I can think of to influence the game? Trust me, I have. I'm not trying to pacify anyone, or "destroy positive momentum." Rather, I'm trying to show you the lay of the land so you can achieve positive momentum by fighting smarter.

    The reason I'm doing this is because I've been on this forum for years and I've seen plenty of threads like this fail for the very same reasons: full of general laments on the game's direction/vision, not having achievable goals, not having sufficient justification, not understanding EME's scope of responsibility, not considering the legitimate factors that led to changes being made, not being "salable" in an elevator pitch, etc. etc. And people spin themselves in circles getting more and more angry and depressed that EME doesn't care until they either quit the game and become bitter forum trolls, or just give up trying to do anything. And contrary to insinuations from you and others, that is not what I'm trying to accomplish. I'm trying to save you the "journey of despair" by giving you the conclusions from the end so you can pick a better strategy from the start.

    I have my own strategy, and I already shared what it was. (Also, trying to help others in the community become more aware about what's going on is part of my strategy.) You need to develop your own strategy. I think the information I shared can help you develop your strategy. Use it, or don't; it's up to you.
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    I love the idea of updating the preview videos -- it should be relevant to the current meta and skill rotation, not just spamming skills by some GM who doesn't know how to play the class
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    The whole point of this was to continue beating the dead horse beyond it’s grave and show/spark awareness to helping some the major problems. No amount of dungeon and vanguard reward tweaking is going to help. When the game is broken to it’s core. When the playerbase went from exceeding beyond 20,000+ to 1100+ in just 3 years, yeah something isn’t right. This being an older game has nothing to do with it. TERA is hurting and needs some tender loving care. Unfortunately, Bluehole has TERA on the back burner, concentrating on their new MMO.
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