[AV] The Ordenary Anival Merchent guild is recruiting!!!!

Guild Name: The Ordinary Anvil
Tera Region & Server: NA-AscensionValley
Time Zone: Variable
Contact: Xionmizu | Sirwhisperwind


Where a semi-casual PVE Merchants guild. We are a group of players that like to gather and sell items on the in-game market. We are also new to Tera so there is plenty of room to improve. We want to well versed in Dungeons and End game content as our clan grows. All levels and player experience is welcome. So come join us and learn the world of Tera across Arun and Shara the great titans.

Our guild prides itself on our core values which are as follows:

✧ Dedicated and diligent.
✧ Professional and fun.
✧ Friendly and social.
✧ Experienced and committed.


> Active
> Be polite and respectful
> Be Social with the rest of the guild
> Be yourself


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