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What is being done about proxy EME?



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    The low key ads for a 3rd party program that is against the rules in this are interesting.
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    Well... this happened on 1/9/18, Tuesday:

    They said they disabled that feature... so I guess they lied about shutting it off, or they lied about their ability to shut it off. Either way...

    People still have leftover megaphones in their invs from back when you used to be able to obtain them. The feature itself isn't disabled.

    Looking into the megaphone thing and will pass this on to the TERA team.

    As for 3rd party programs, I've removed quite a bit of content from this thread that promotes and informs others about the use of 3rd party programs because that violates the forum rules (and using 3rd party programs violates the Terms of Service).

    I've also removed some content spreading misinformation about proxies and how we deal with them as a company. We're well aware here at EME that people still use the proxy tool and packet injection modules for that tool. Players that use them are banned (to address the OP, THAT is one of the things we're doing about it). Some are banned quicker than others. If you see questionable activity, please report it by taking a screenshot and including it in a customer support ticket.
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