Freeze on Focus Change with external DAC

OS: Win 10 (Build 1709)

I've been having really long freezes when the game regains focus after losing focus, be it in windowed or fullscreen mode (example below). Recently I've come to isolate this problem to the use of my external DAC, in my case, an ODAC. The game stops freezing when regaining focus when I'm using the on board audio of my motherboard. The problem persists even when the sampling rate and bit depth of both interfaces are equalized.

Would there be any way to continue using my external DAC without the extremely annoying 10 second freeze upon regaining focus?

Video example of the freeze when regaining focus and solving it by using on board audio instead:


  • KillerPenguinsKillerPenguins ✭✭✭✭
    Is it always the same amount of time, or does it vary? Is it only on tera, or other games too?
  • I didn't take a stopwatch to time it each time but it felt the same all time. Only happens on Tera but I haven't played any other UE3 games in a long while.
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