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After Resurrection XBOX One controller bug

• What happened: This happens in Thametal Refinery and other dungeons. When my character dies and I get resurrected, while playing with the Xbox one controller my character will only run in one direction and I cannot make my character move any other direction. The only way to fix it is to jump multiple times, unplug the controller or keep forcing it to try to go a different way.
• Date and Time the bug was witnessed: 1/19/2018 7:17PM EST? Maybe slightly before or after.
• Reproduction Steps: Be in a dungeon, die, use self Resurrect or be Resurrected by someone else and then the bug occurs.
• Screenshot: No screen shot of it.

Additional details if applicable...

• Name of the character or characters that experienced the bug: Princess.Cesil
• Server the bug was experienced on Tempest Reach
• Name of the NPC that is bugged N/A
• Name of the quest that is bugged N/A
• Zone or area in game where the bug took place Thametal Refinery
• URL of the website where the bug is N/A


  • I also have this problem, using an Xbox One Elite/Standard controller on a PC has a bug where the character will constantly run in a random direction without any interaction with it. It is not an analog stick issue cause it only happens at specific times, such as being raised from death. Also when using a chained skill or sometimes not using chained skills my character does a combo and attack action AUTOMATICALLY when I'm moving the directional analog sticks, can this be fix because this is becoming a nuisance and is frustrating due to its results in unwanted actions, character deaths, and unnecessary wipes.
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