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hey guys i had an idea

let anyone que cs
raise xp rates /h equal to farming bams for doing CS
maximum of 3 ppl per group for CS
Add better rewards for CS

Delete all other bgs

Keep it equalized

return Ibams , make them drop the new VM items.

I think i just solved pvp problems.


  • Crazyambo wrote: »
    Delete all other bgs

  • “keep it eq”
    “i just fixed pvp”
  • CrazyamboCrazyambo USA ✭✭
    AbstractCH wrote: »
    “keep it eq”
    “i just fixed pvp”

    what you think it would be fair to the server with over half of it being brazilian and them being poor and unable to p2w?

    Please we dont need uneq to show skill, we just need to be able to PLAY bgs to have fun and equalized will never give us instant ques. Low levels gaining xp and high levels getting to kill them will always balance out the game.

    this isn't wow
  • ZingoPingoZingoPingo ✭✭✭
    edited February 2018
    Crazyambo wrote: »
    server with over half of it being brazilian and them being poor
    This is pretty racist my guy. Have any stats to back up that half the server is br?

  • Yeah maybe unbreak CS then delete other BG except 3s
    Dunno I never understood the point in FWC but maybe it's alright so don't delete it
    I'd like to see a set be made that you can roll outside of CS and 3s and get to keep those rolls for the BG
    it's still eq
    You just get custom tailored rolls
    Also you're fuccin dumb if you think I wanna play with half my team being trap moreso than they are already
  • awful idea
  • > @Blurberry said:
    > awful idea

    I think it’s iconic
  • CrazyamboCrazyambo USA ✭✭
    Blurberry wrote: »
    awful idea

    Kind of ironic my awful idea and none of you play the game anymore.


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