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Win all wars by mass production of popori?

You may correct me, but Popori are made from wild animals by Elins (NA/EU version. Also in KTera?).

Why are Popori not mass produced then? One would domesticate them like e.g. wild deers in a certain area with close control to have a mass production running. Even if that is too complicated, you just force replicate/clone the wild animals.
You then train them in warfare and have a nearly unlimited amount of cannon fodder. Here we go with the Clone Wars.


  • for this reason elin exist, elin are the true cannon fodder meat hue
  • It wouldnt work since Elins dont domesticate Popos, they are viewed as equals. It should also be noted despite their goofy nature Popori give off an aura that causes people to become unconfortable or even to fear them ad Popori can apparently see and sense things normal mortals cannot.

    Elins are in a sense low population canon fodder since Serene cant create more, and the Elins who are lucky enough to die are recycled into a new non biological body, then theres seemingly suspended Elins like Yasring...R.I.P.

    Theyre alluded to being extremely powerful entities (Elins and to a lesser extent Popori) but their lack in numbers keeps that in check apparently.
  • iLiliumiLilium ✭✭
    edited December 2018
    They are mast produced, Reading the lore again, specifically about popori, they say "The female part the popori consist of, the Elin." and the males are called "Porian, Merunims, Uru and Perunim. That stupid popori that says Elins are meat doesn't know popori is the male counterpart that was awakened by Elins, which too are animals. Only reason they don't have fur is they were created directly by Elinu and awakened popori. Read the Popori lore, it says

    "The Popori are a group of animal like races living in the Popori Kingdom. The female part the Popori consist of the Elin. Small young-like woman who form the matriarchal part of their race. They feature animal ears and tails of various species. The male population is composed of the Porian, Merunim, Uru and Perunim. As with the female they have a small stature and can best be described as humanoid and civilized animals. As the Popori aren't just one race the appearance may differ greatly. This applies to differences between sexes but across one either [filtered] too. Even though cute and cuddly the Popori are not to be underestimated as they are capable masters of both magic and melee."


    Controversy has arisen over the fact that the Elin and the animal-like Popori are listed as one race. This is because the Popori is not a singular race so much as a nation of woodland familiars and spirits. The means by which they procreate and have offspring is not like other beings who are purely flesh. Interviews with the producers of TERA Online have stated that the males are like woodland spirits and the females (Elin) are akin to dryads and nymphs."

    Elin and Popori are one race, according to this because they're Spirits and Familiars of nature itself.

    Also, the Popori was the first race to join the Valkyon Federation after a proposal from the Humans.
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