"moderately" new player lf guild

what i meant by moderately. is i have played to level cap before, and have done some dungeons, but no clue for gear requirements, how pvp works, raids, ex. at most ive done endgame dungeons but thats it. other than that i dont know where to go how to go or when to go. the toons got deleted due to irl issues, so thats why im on a low level currently tryna level a berserker. the type of guild im interested in is a pvx guild. one that does both pvp and pve. idc if its casual considering im fairly new tio the game. but would like for it to be social and fun. maybe schedule guild pvp events and whatnot. my character name is ibcravinmoree hes a level 20 aman berserker at the time of this post. and the server im on is tempest reach, thats if server matters for the guilds. also i am new to tera but not new to the mmo genre. so dont be afraid to mention stuff like los, aoe, aggro and whatnot. chances are if its used in any type of mmorpg ive seen it and know it. only reason i mention that is cause in most mmorpg when im just starting out ppl assume im new to the genre. any hope i can join a guild and hang out. cause god knows the in game guild finder doesnt work for sh*t.
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