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[CH] Sushi Cat HH20

Sushi Cat has recently formed a raid for Harrowhold in CH with a mixture of new and experienced players. We are looking to bring in some new members to join us so we can get more frequent raids set up through the week, which is currently not possible due to the limited number of guildies and friends interested and their availability. We're welcoming both experienced and inexperienced players to raid but we have some requirements for people interested.

We're looking for people who:
- Are friendly and cooperative
- Are open to advice / criticism
- Have read the Harrowhold guide and / or watched videos
- Are willing to ask for help when you need it
- Actively join practice raids when the chance arises if you are new or needing to improve your skills
- Will at least join the once-off practice raid before being a part of actual raid, so we can assess where your skill level is at / see if you mesh well with us
- Take responsibility for yourself - show up on time to raids you have signed up for, give raid leaders advance warning if you will be late to or miss raid, and update your availability weekly
- Accept that while this is a learning raid, we do expect improvement. If you are unwilling or unable to adapt to the dungeon as you learn, you may need to be replaced.
- Are patient - this is a learning raid and while the above still applies, people will make mistakes while learning and it's okay to do so. If you're experienced and would like to join, please don't flame or be toxic to people who are new.

Thus far we have cleared phases 1-3 and are working through phase 4.

If you are interested, please see this form.


  • Heya, must we join your guild in order to do HH? I would love to join HH but prefer not to quit my guild.
  • XeirylXeiryl ✭✭✭
    KRR9RR79DM wrote: »
    Heya, must we join your guild in order to do HH? I would love to join HH but prefer not to quit my guild.

    nope, being in the guild is not required (just a majority of the members will be from SC)
  • Oh great! Would love to join, how may I contact you? I'm in full SC. I can send you a mail in game thanks
  • XeirylXeiryl ✭✭✭
    @KRR9RR79DM sorry i can’t quote on mobile, but if you check the link in my first post you can sign up for the poll there and someone will be in contact with you!
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