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About bgs

hello, im coming back to tera as old player that enjoyed playing lots of time the bgs specially cs, i wanted to give it a try again sinse there is no other mmorpg right now that worth time but... what i find when i relog its that the bgs were limited to lvl 58+ and in case of cs 65, i know this was implemented along time ago but what were enmasse thinking by doin this, half or more of the ppl that played cs werent lvl 65 and yea they maybe were noobs or newbies, but the bg was hell of fun specially for those that likes sieges and pvp like me that also dont like pve, was a very good option to lvl up if u didnt like to do pve content sinse gear wasnt needed just lvl maybe but was still fun. Now the quq never pops i was waiting like 1 hour for the quq in many bgs (kumas, fraywind, cs, the cage one too) but i couldnt reg any of those when before the max time for cs and others was like 10 minits in a bad day with no ppl, so sad that pvp players cant enjoy the bgs now coz there isnt a good ammount of 65s that play those bgs, as i said there was almost imposible to get a full 65 lvl team back the days.
Sincirelly i dont understand why they dont bring back the lvl 30 bgs, coz this lvl 65 thing just make ppl like me and lots of other ppl that just want to have fun playing some good siege games quit.
I think enmasse should give at least a try i think the ppl is coming back right now to tera coz rest of mmorpgs are trash compared or not worth playing, but if they keep with the restriction thing with unexistent bgs to play sinse no one is playing it only with that "event" is on but 3 hours only and then a desert again and thats if the premades that play keep the reg coz if not gg u wont reg any bg.
Or maybe implement some kind of reward for bgs dont know really i think that the lvl 30 bgs its the best option to bring ppl back to play those bgs..
Sadly they wont read this nor give any consideration sinse they didnt in the past 2 years and the game died so sad.
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