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Event Target of 500 too high



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    Ammutseba wrote: »
    If history teaches us anything, is that EME is able to screw up every single event they made in past few years.
    I do love the game and I'm sad to see how staff is actively finding was to drive people off with their actions.
    Every day I log in, I see less and less people around and I'm surprised of myself to actually stay with game, when most of my friends already left.
    But with every decision EME pulls there is less and less will to actually login.

    This event first pushing ping sky high and now also count being up at 500 ... well you probably see less strain on your servers, as many people just left.
    Me, well I wasn't planning on doing it anyway, just get some kills form Aranea runs, but when the ping went sky high and now with this "wise" decision of 500 kills for some RNG, well ...
    Another event ruined by EME.

    I'm also surprised there is no side "event", with throw money at us shop "sale".

    I agree, the decisions made by EME are actively pushing people away. They come up with decent event ideas, then find a way to ruin them. If the event has a few kinks, they simply don't do the event again rather than make improvements.

    Considering that there is one specific place to farm the BAMS for this event, it was obvious that the channels would become overloaded. If they had simply spawned BAMS in many different locations, it wouldn't have caused the performance issues.

    It's good that we are getting triple rewards, but I'll just be doing the same things I normally do with the same people that I normally run dungeons with. Forming raids to hunt down BAMS could have been a nice event to break up the monotony.

    That, is an assumption that may not necessarily hold true, we do not know the exact cause as En Masse hasn't disclosed it yet, you can be right, as well as you can be wrong. I also did a theory on what could be causing it, either of us can be right, or both wrong, heck we can be both right at the same time. One thing we know for sure is that the game has terrible code on both server and client sides, so it can be even a big sum of factors.

    Regarding the BAM event, yes it was a nice idea, but killed off by terrible code as always, the 1st reason for the faults on it, at least I would guess on BHS's code, not necessarily server hardware of management problems, but the code they are running instead. The decision to remove all tiers lower than 500 tho is quite weird honestly.
    About hitting 500 in a hour like some of the staff members said, I can confirm actually. Some BAMs on lower levels than you (like Ruins Guardians around that HW area that I forgot the name) count towards the goal, even I managed without trying 25 BAMs in some minutes almost by accident (doing dungeons and just hitting some quest BAMs for no reason), and if raiding up and each player gets all kills from raid, one can make a 30 man and split around the entire zone, getting like 10 kills per minute easily, specially since the paper BAMs also count. Only thing that may not work properly on that count is spawn time.
    Whoever it's just weird how it was dealt with, I still assume they kept this target just to test out how it was working, instead of downright disabling it.
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    They already explained that the problem was CPU spikes on the arbiter servers, so it has nothing to do with where the BAMs spawned. It has to do with the overload of communication related to tracking the kills for everyone (which was happening both in open world and in instances). This is why reducing the number of event thresholds helped. In other words, the problem is because BHS programmed the event poorly. This is why EU had to cancel their similar use of the event.

    It had nothing to do with too many people farming BAMs. It had nothing to do with where the BAMs were placed. It had to do with badly-optimized BHS code that can't scale to even normal "live" use conditions. This lack of optimization shouldn't be a big surprise.
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