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Share your favourite Tera video! PVE, PVP or both!

Title says it all. My favourite video can be found here:
(I'm mostly into PVE if you can't tell)
I remember finding this video a little while into the SSHM patch. I was on my home server of Highwatch, wracking my brain as to how I could get 100 clears of this dungeon for the title. I think, even at this point, you could count the amount of regular clearing parties of it (on our server) on the fingers of one hand, haha. When I saw this video I was literally blown away. I honestly thought those three players were the most amazing players I'd ever seen, at the time xD. I played mystic mainly then, and seeing this video pushed me to successfully solo heal the dungeon with a party from the top guild at the time, Agency, before the 15% nerf hit and back when I was even more of a scrub x). I went on to get several hundred clears of it across a couple of characters. Anyway, thats my two cents on that :3.

So yeah, I'm looking mostly for things you guys found really cool, unique, extraordinary, inspiring etc. If it's reeeeally funny, memes are fine too, but no BM and no bully! Ty.


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