[PC] Maintenance is now complete!

New TERA Website! (and Known Issues list)

Hello all!

Today our faithful web team has launched a new version of the TERA website, which includes features pertaining to the XBONE and PS4 console versions of the game (as well as offering a mobile responsive version of the site!). As such, I wanted to give you some info about the launch state of the site:
  • Product Roadmap will be brought back into the site (for the time being, I will create a new Discussion in the News and Announcements section that will get pinned and updated until we get a site version)
  • Server Status page will be brought back into the site
  • Older news posts - the site will launch with all the most recent news posts, but the entire list of old entries will not be imported into the new site format
  • Guides - some guides will be going away, and some will be getting facelifts over the coming months to make them more agnostic to platform version
  • Patch Notes - patch notes will be posted in a new TERA PC Patch Notes forum - the latest will be pinned as an announcement to the top (this will be permanent - patch notes will not return to the site)
  • In-game Welcome Window - this page will be broken for a little bit while the web team rewrites the code to feed the page

New site probably means some bugs here and there, and our team will be bug-squashing as they work through that and other feature requests. We appreciate your patience as we work to keep up with it all!



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