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Upcoming Changes to TERA Store Items

On March 30, 2018, we’re making changes to two of the vouchers available from the TERA in-game and web site stores. First, we’re lowering the price of the Race Change Voucher from 2495 to 1695 EMP, and the Gender Change Voucher from 1495 to 1195 EMP.

In addition to the price drop on March 30, beginning today we are also adding an indefinite 15% discount to the following TERA Store items for players with active Elite Status:

- Level 60 Scroll
- Additional Character Slot
- Bank Expansion
- Bank Expansion Bundle (3)
- Wardrobe Expansion
- Inventory Expansion
- Inventory Expansion 3-pack
- Guild Name Change Voucher
- Race Change Voucher
- Name Change Voucher
- Appearance Change Voucher
- Gender Change Voucher

Finally, beginning March 30, in order to ensure a high level of service for all TERA players, the Customer Support team will no longer be swapping out bound costumes for versions wearable by your character’s new race or gender. Costumes remaining in your character’s inventory following a race or gender change will still be usable should that character change back to its original race or gender.
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