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Velika Test Server Rewards

I have not received the mount, the atlas or one of the dresses, after about 20 minutes of playing I did get one of the other outfits in the mail, collected it from parcel post but it's not showing up in my inventory. Same thing happened with one of my alts on one of the other servers. I got all of the gifts in the mail, collected it, but it's not showing up in my inventory at all. Even going back to the mail it says the item was collected but no where to be found.


  • don't stress over it they all get deleted tomorrow anyway
  • Oh lol I'm not stressing at all, everyone knows that when it's over all gifts go bye bye. I'm letting them know that there is an issue with the receiving. Trust me I'm not whinning about gifts like these noobs that are just here to play. I'm actually doing what you're suppose to do. Report issues as you play
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    hi guys im new and i can´t get into this server, do u know why ?
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