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if u want some sea or sg n my friends..feel free to put down ur ign here..i will also have guild..


  • hello. I am from My. XD
  • @AL7P43XA6F hey im also from malaysia..are u new or do u have any guild at the moment?it will be great if u can tell what server are u playing and ur in game name !
  • @JMP3RE33CA i am new player.... LOL
    i try the game and feel it is great.
    so, i am looking for server for sea player....
    i can change server anytime.
    currently working, i do not know which server i am in now. :expressionless:
  • > @JMP3RE33CA
    Oh bagus latu..aq keje malam, pagi smpai tgh hri aq ada klas..join tempest reach..aq guildmaster Crimson Scarlet..casual guild..mksudnye xde la hardcore main game ni..jom join..aq xde kenalan MY lagi
    gi Kat TERA..guild aq tu Ade dkat 100 org..tpi biase biase je..aktif pun Hari minggu..join ar bleh aq tnjuk ajar sikit hehe
    Nama aq Saturashi..Join Tempest Reach bila bersekempatan yee
  • Berkesempatan**
  • @SATURASHI , dah buat chac baru di TR.
  • Okie cntek..req guild tu nnti aq accept
  • im from southest asia...and how to download and play this game?
  • Tell me ur specific country please.cuz some country can't play this game..
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