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General Class Overview

Due to console TERA bringing in a lot of newer players I decided to write up a quick summary of the classes in TERA to help give these newer players a better understanding of what separates them from each other. This is a rough draft and most likely will need editing due to the fact that I have not played every class at its fullest potential so feel free to provide your feedback on what needs to be added or changed.


class: Utility Tank
Lancers provide utility for the group and can absorb the most damage overall. They have a self-heal and shielding ability to further ensure their survival. Resolve is generated through attacking and is used for blocking so it is important that they build enough attack speed to be able to get hits on a boss between blocking.

class: Damage Tank
Brawlers provide the least utility to a group however they can offer a damage output similar to having another DPS. In contrast to Lancer and Warrior having Resolve, Brawlers block with the use of Mana and have a rage bar that is used to sustain their Growing Fury. This allows for higher damage and blocking during the use of abilities.

class: Evasion / Damage Tank
Warriors provide both utility through endurance debuffs on bosses as well as high damage but requires the most skill or practice getting accustomed to the class. Skilled warrior tanks will often outclass most Brawlers however there will always be an argument that a Lancer provides more for the group.

class: Damage Tank
Berserker tanks are not as popular of a choice for players due to lack of utility like Brawlers however they are much more difficult to play due to having less damage output and few invulnerability frames to dodge. While weaker, berserker tanking can be quite fun and unique and is definitely an option for players who wish to play the class as it can function as both a DPS or a Tank depending on the situation.


class: Melee DPS
Warriors output a consistent stream of DPS due to their ability to easily stick to the back a boss through an arsenal of mobility skills. They are the most challenging class to learn with the highest skill cap but can be very rewarding as a skilled warrior will often always be a top DPS class capable of keeping up with newer classes on release. Warriors deal damage by generating up to 10 Edge stacks and using Scythe to consume the stacks for a massive crit. ~45% of a Warrior's total DPS comes from Scythe so the faster you are at accumulating edge, the more damage you are doing.

class: Melee DPS
Slayers are similar to warrior in the sense that their damage revolves around an ability resetting its cooldown. They are considered more of a burst DPS class somewhere in the middle between a warrior and a berserker as they offer the mobility of a warrior however their damage comes from bursts of powerful overhand strikes.

class: Melee DPS
Berserkers have 2 core charge-up abilities that deal massive damage and use filler skills in between those main cooldowns. Slow moving at first, but as they progress they become quite fast. The main challenge for Berserkers is their lack of invulnerability frames so movement and positioning is important for survival. Berserkers have a Block that can be used to tank some damage however their block is noticeably weaker than a tank and can often be killed through it.

class: Melee DPS
Ninjas have the most consistent DPS similar to warrior in that they have a lot of rapid attacks and have an easy time sticking to the back of a boss due to lots of high mobility skills. They are also the only class that makes use of their auto attack in a rotation aside from the gunner. Ninjas have a simple rotation that is easy to learn however they are punished very easily if you make mistakes as they are a cloth armor DPS class so they can't take a hit and rely entirely on their mobility to avoid damage.

class: Melee DPS
Valkyrie is the most recent class added to TERA so it is no mystery that their damage is among the best currently. Similar to Slayers, the Valkyrie class is very mobile yet bursty. Most of Valkyries skills rely on using skills that reset Leaping Slash cooldown which chains into Ground Bash and Glaive Strike. Valkyries also have Ragnarok which is a rage mechanic that is essentially a combination of a Brawler's Growing Fury, Lancer's Adrenaline Rush, and Reaper's Shadow Reaping. Shining Crescent is a Valkyries core DPS skill as it yields 30-50% of their overall dps. Valkyrie is essentially a hybrid between a Warrior and a Slayer with a fun rage mechanic further increasing damage potential.

class: Close / Mid Range DPS
Reapers have a consistent DPS output like Warrior relying on Grim Strike cooldown resets and attack from both melee range and at a distance due to the long range of their skills. In order to create a Reaper you must have another character on the same server of at least level 40 due to Reapers entering the world at level 58 near end game. Certain notable mechanics in dungeons can be avoided completely by the use of a Reaper’s well timed Retribution skill. Extremely low endurance is made up for by having high mobility and fast attacks.

class: Ranged DPS
Gunners are a ranged DPS class that deals consistent damage by resetting the cooldown of Arcane Barrage and using Burst Fire with their adrenaline once its full. Gunners are the most capable at “burning” a shield phase due to both Bombardment and Balder’s Vengeance being able to unload massive damage in a short period of time at the cost of Adrenaline and have the most burst in that regard.

class: Ranged DPS
Archers are capable of both consistent damage and burst damage because they do not have a set rotation. Instead, they use mostly priority to decide what ability to use next which makes them an easy class to learn. When given a clean opportunity for back crit damage, Archers prioritize skills like Thunderbolt and Rain of Arrows and focus on using Rapid Fire when those skills are on cooldown. Radiant Arrow can be used while moving to reposition if necessary as it is a charge ability with high burst damage and should be used when Rapid Fire is on cooldown. On top of this versatility, Archers feature a reasonable amount of Area of Effect from Rain of Arrows and their traps which can be a serious threat in PvP battlegrounds like Corsair’s Stronghold.

class: Ranged DPS
Sorcerers are very burst oriented as they have a lot of charge-up abilities like the Berserker and similarly don’t rely on many chained ability combos. Sorcerers have a lot of Area of Effect abilities which make them incredibly good at clearing mobs or in mass PvP such as Corsair’s Stronghold Battleground. A well placed hailstorm from a Sorcerer can prevent melee DPS classes from attacking or defending a location such as the gates. Sorcerers also have a fair amount of utility such as a targeted “Sleep” which can immobilize players and monsters alike on top of great defensive abilities like Mana Barrier.


Priests are considered the support class with the most healing. Priests have several large Area of Effect healing abilities as well as a targeted heal. Kaia’s Shield allows for Priests to grant their party a massive shield to protect them from a boss mechanic or during PvP. Cleansing debuffs is also significantly easier on Priest because it is a wide AoE that cleanses everyone inside the circle. While they are focused on big heals, the Priest still comes with abilities such as Mana Charge with provides the party with mana and Energy Stars which grants the party Attack Speed and Damage buffs while attacking a boss. Triple Nemesis debuffs a bosses endurance further increasing party DPS. Before combat or after resurrecting a party member Priests can give buffs that grant movement speed, endurance, and hp recovery.

Mystics are the support class with a more unique kit which includes the use of motes which are [filtered] thrown out on the ground that depending on the color, blue or red, will restore mana or health. Mystics have a targeted cleanse and cannot cleanse themselves so they need to pick up their own motes to cleanse themselves. In terms of healing, Mystics have a targeted heal like Priests but otherwise rely on their party to pick up their healing motes themselves or if they are positioned well they can use their Boomerang Pulse and heal a large amount. Mystics also differ from Priests because they have Auras instead of Buffs that only work if you are in the same area as them and don’t have a time limit as they drain the Mystic’s mana instead. The most important Mystic auras are the mana regeneration and crit factor auras which grants the party a lot of mana regen and doubles their crit factor which is an immense damage increase. When paired with a Priest, the Mystic aura can often provide more overall DPS than if an actual DPS were in their place. Mystics focus mostly on debuffing targets and can deal additional damage with corruption ring to restore even more of your party’s mana. Solo play as a Mystic is also much easier than a Priest due to their natural damage output and on top of this they can summon thralls which aid them in combat and can even tank BAMs by holding aggro.

For more in-depth guides or analysis go to EssentialMana


  • KauraKaura ✭✭
    Great write up. You forgot Ninja though ;)
  • Is there a chance we get other race as Ninja or Reaper?
  • aeee98aeee98 ✭✭✭✭
    Warrior is closer to damage tank than an actual evasion tank tbh.

    Warrior tanks typically lose to brawlers in personal dps. However, Warrior tanks provide a permanent attack speed steroid for the entire party.

    Slayer is, unironically, one of the more consistent DPS as they have a very fixed priority chain: fillers into harder hitting skills via chaining. However, on console the slayer buff is not in yet, therefore the bulk of their damage comes from highrolling and doing a ton of highly statted overhand strikes.

    Valkyrie's damage comes from stacking to 7 runemarks and using a runemark burning skill (runeburst and shining crescent). Post level 58 Valkyrie gets Ragnarok which becomes a priority as they essentially become super saiyan during ragnarok duration. The playstyle of Valkyrie post 65 is actually dependent on how knowledgable you are with the boss as you must perfect dodge to maximise ragnarok (through bloodflower resets)

    Mystics cleanse themselves by targetting a cleanse skill on any party member even if they do not need a cleanse. They can also cleanse themselves via Thrall of Life on an emergency situation. As such if your finger dexterity is good, your cleanse potential may actually exceed the priest's one button AoE cleanse.

    As of now, levelling priest and mystics have similar amounts of dps tbh. Post 65 solo mystics will do slightly more damage due to higher innate crit factor.

    Thats all I see after first glance.
  • CassandraTRCassandraTR ✭✭✭✭✭
    Is there a chance we get other race as Ninja or Reaper?

    You already have reaper, and there is a 100% chance that EME brings all classes to console, the only question is when they are able to do so on a stable build. Hopefully by the end of 2018.
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