[PC] Maintenance is now complete!

Please fix or get rid of chat filter



  • The point of this topic was about chat. PC version chat isn't as censored as console. My pic says otherwise. If it's just global chat or whatever, then either way, console bans all chats, guild whispers and say included.. So..
  • BrownDiBrownDi ✭✭
    edited March 2018
    The word "Enmasse" is censored....lol
  • Wi2ardWi2ard ✭✭✭
    Agreed. Or at least make filters client side so I can turn them off, or designate specific words I want filtered. Or eff that, THE GAME IS RATED "M". Seriously, Enmasse.
  • HeathenDeaconHeathenDeacon ✭✭
    edited March 2018
    BrownDi wrote: »
    The word "Enmasse" is censored....lol


    thats the real issue i'm seeing though is words within words. which is ridiculous considering hwo many "censored" sets of letters there are within 1000s of perfectly civil words. its like the cheapest chat filter you can buy or something.
  • Its sad, can't even wish everyone a wonderful day or night on console... these chat violations are really absurd.
  • Today I was playing with a friend, and she had missed some loot on the ground. I tried to tell her in guild chat "there are 2 alkathests and a relic piece over here that are yours" but nope! Message was tagged by system as a tos violation and deleted. I cannot play a game with a chat filter this ridiculous, and tabbing out to discord every time I need to communicate is a pain in the butt. Gonna just play something else.
  • It's funny how they changed it for pc but somehow thought it was going to do different on the console.
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