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General Class Guide



  • when does the consel get the brawler class for elin ?
  • GJJ6PX43LW wrote: »
    when does the consel get the brawler class for elin ?
    Most like it will be a ways off, since that is a Race/Gender that was just added for Brawlers on TERA PC.
  • ViftsVifts ✭✭
    edited January 2019
    I'm planning to update this guide in the near future once I can afford another PS4 to start playing again. Though I don't think the changes will be too dramatic.

    EDIT: Buying one very soon so I will be back to making guides as I intended when console launched! \o/
  • nice good job
  • RomZRomZ ✭✭
    Popori brawler when D:
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