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No gunner ?



  • SynnZero wrote: »
    I remember reading somewhere they are closing the gap or getting close to closing it with a big patch soon...I'm trying to find it...

    i would like to see that :p

    Like I know Im not crazy! I swear I read it somewhere. I know its on reddit lol
  • They have said they are doing Patch bundles to try to close the gap quicker there is a thread about it on the forum, not sure about it being one Big patch that will do that though there is far to much content to do that in one go and it not end up being a complete mess should something not work right.
  • Supposedly (according to massivelyop), console has a lot of performance issues because EME basically took the PC build and layered a new UI overtop it. This means that classes, dungeons, and other things that have a lot of particle effects aren't going to be released until much later. After EME figures out how to properly build a console game, however long that's going to take them. Because even the vaunted newest consoles on the market still can't hold a candle to what even a decently built PC is capable of, so there's a lot of issues that need fixing right now.
  • Wi2ardWi2ard ✭✭✭
    FFJEY7W39R wrote: »
    why eme can not say date

    Because people will be angry when they miss that date. Game developers hate dates because gamers are a toxic community that calls developers out on every tiny infraction and holds that infraction against them for years.
  • SakkySakky ✭✭
    your question has already been answered. stop it. They don't have to give a date. They don't have to say anything really. But they have.
  • This guy is 100% trolling everyone.
  • FFJEY7W39R wrote: »
    he not answer us and i need a date. And i not accept than after working 2 years he not put the gunner on consol

    Pls accept that no one can tell you a date - learn to be patient or stop playing, if that annoys you so much; but always asking the same question doesn't change the answer:
    It will become available in the near future, but there isn't an exact ETA that can be provided at this time.


  • where you read this ?
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