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Difference between servers

What's the difference going to between the servers on xbox or ps4?

I've been hearing that open world pvp is limited to lvl 65, if that's the case why do we have an option of pvp servers, when that can be added to pve with opt in or out, so the strict pve players have nothing to worry about.

Guess I'm just trying to get all my ducks in a huddle before going gung ho on either pve or pvp server.


  • VoidBlueVoidBlue ✭✭✭
    Should be no difference between Xbox and PS4.

    PvP servers offer actual surprise PvP and guild vs guild which pve would definitely never have.
  • That's where I'm confused though, if the surprise pvp is limited to lvl 65 only. Is there really a point to pvp server, aside from the added gvg?

    I'm an old pc player who stopped a few months after gunner, when pvp was allowed at low levels..
  • Guild vs Guild is on both type of servers someone said, at least on PC.
    I don't know as I've not played Tera PC, think it was Lolwat that said it in another thread.
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    There was a lot of posts about the differences in the older console beta forums, I'll see if I can find the thread in a sec, found it:


    From what I remember the only diference between PvE and PvP is this the following.
    PvP servers have "level 65 ONLY" world PvP that is also restricted to certain zones as well as the level 65 only restriction.
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