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Lancer Jewelry set for pvp

Heya , i'm returning player , actually playing lancer and wanna know , which jewelry set would you use for pvp (small and largescale) and why. Back to vm4 when i started it was 3x crit and 2x power but now i can see almost everyone with full power , even as a lancer.


  • CuatalCuatal ✭✭
    edited April 2018
    Pokedex's build
    2x Power Rings
    3x Crit everything else
    Being able crit on occasion is nice. As a lancer, you won't get anyone low in 3s unless you crit anyways. People always say that I crit the most out of all lancers or something the lines of "omg you always crit your wallop"

    Everyone else's build for some reason
    Full power
    They copied General's build. His reasoning is lancers never crit (but they do tho), so might as well maximize the raw damage. Plus when you actually do crit, you crit like a truck.
  • So it's still viable i see . Thanks a lot for your detailed answer !
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