RM Event is bugged

in the event page it says until tuesday 3 of april. 4 am pst. but now we're at monday 2 of april and the event is ended already. pls fix it


  • it actually says Tuesday April 2 at 4am. So either they meant Monday April 2 or Tuesday April 3. Seems like Monday though.
    Kind of disappointing, thought I had another day to farm as well but eme messed up once again.
  • But on the "The Month of March and In-Game Events at a glance" post, it says Dungeon Highlight - Ruinous Manor : Fri 3/30/2018 04:00 AM PDT - Tue 4/3/2018 04:00 AM PDT.
    So some clarifaction would be nice.
  • Reading calendars and matching dates is just very hard apparently. The Ghillie and PoP event didn't have matching times in the game announcement and web one until it was pointed out and fixed.
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