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Best server NA?

Hi, recently I created my new character on the server "ovolith" but reading on the web it is said that the most popular is "dracoloth", is that true? "Ovolith" is unpopular?
Thank for your replies.


  • Ovolith isnt popular from what i heard. Thulsa and dracoloth are the same. Some plp said thulsa is more popular.
  • know if can i transfer my character?
  • Thulsa seems to be the most popular, from my experience playing on all the servers.
  • Dracoloth ftw :p and idk if we have server transfers yet
  • maybe it's a little early to know which server is more popular, only that I've heard dracoloth and I'm afraid I chose the server wrong
  • psh to many pve servers being listed :s Nyxarras PVP ftw. pve servers are boring no one bothers causing conflict with other guilds you don't have full blown wars between flagged players going on like we have been having for the past two days at velika north gate.

    pve servers might as well be the same as going to grannys house. BORING.
  • NA579KY674NA579KY674 ✭✭
    edited April 2018
    Thulsa is the server I'm on
  • there's always stuff going down on nyxarras
  • Draco is crowded af. Always people around.

  • Wi2ardWi2ard ✭✭✭
    You'll be fine on any server. As the game continues server populations will even out.
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