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Only a 7yo Girl can be a Ninja and Reaper WHY?



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    I can't fathom why the anti-elin faction is so invested in this argument. Know what I do if I don't like something in a game? I don't spend money on it. I don't play it. I certainly don't invest a significant ammount of time raging about it.
  • It’s an Asian game. Most chicks in Asia do not have much of a chest. Just a fact. Not lollis
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    FJ4MHKLP5L wrote: »
    K4TDCYEPR6 wrote: »
    Because the Elin race more or less saved this game from going under in Korea so they pushed as much content out for them as possible.

    Cute sells much more then sexy in asia.

    If half naked 7 year olds were needed to save your game, maybe the game wasn't worth saving in the first place.

    They werent meant to save the game. They were in the game from the begining. They were part of the selling point in korea
  • Honest officer! That 10 year old girl told me she was a 2000 year old immortal.
  • > @Miontor said:
    > correct me if i'm wrong. but Elins are guardian of nature, the class reaper may maybe be only attained by the baraka since they are the second oldest race in the game and knowing many lores. people complained about brawler being only female humans. Well playing a brawler baraka could be cool too but no. its a secret passed down by a female warrior ( not the class ), you can't bypass the lore of a game. the only other class that may get ninja/reaper may be the popori fur [filtered]. since they are linked to the Elins.
    > another point instead of calling people playing/making the game with a loli in it pedophiles. maybe look into yourself the fact it bothers you so much may means something. a sprite is a sprite that's it. its not real life and there is no [filtered] related lore to the elin, lol.

    So the games sexist to oh my god
    Like only woman can learn to be brawlers. I bet they learnt there skills from the men beating the crap out of them.

  • The child in game is Anya and looks nothing like an Elin. Some take this too far and too seriously. Just a game folks.
  • Jazoria, I agree
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    Locking this thread when? EME is so absent on the forums that they can't even lock dumb posts like this before they reach 10 pages. This thread should never have reached more than 1 page.
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    Simple, if you don't like Elins or the way they look then don't play Tera. I don't have any Elin chars myself but you will come across hundreds of them so just don't play the game.
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    T9HACPMN69 wrote: »
    > @CynicalFox said:
    > Uh, not 7, try like....2000 or something, but they are immature at times (Princess Arin vs Princess Rida for example

    Like i said no one cares about lore they care that their avatar looks like a little girl

    All you have to do is:

    1. Don't play that class
    2. Uninstall the game and go back to Rocket League

    This is a Korean game. No one gives a sh/t if you like the races/class or anything else. Whining about it only makes you look even more childish than we all know you really are.
  • I'm calling this game Loli Online for accuracy lol
  • I play an Elin. Well, I'm a woman and have a weakness for cute things, lol. Also in BnS I always played Lyn. :p
  • > @MrsMerciless said:
    > I play an Elin. Well, I'm a woman and have a weakness for cute things, lol. Also in BnS I always played Lyn. :p

    Hi, we're in the same club. :p
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    NNGGW7KDMM wrote: »
    I'm calling this game Loli Online for accuracy lol

    The real name is "The Elin Realm of Arborea" = TERA
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