I get no lag spikes. Here’s my secret.

I get no lag spikes. Here’s my secret.

XBOX ONE X with hardwired ethernet cable to
gigabit fiber connection using Netgear Nighthawk X8 (no cable company routers!) with all traffic shaping and multimedia features of the router DISABLED. No local NAS or any of that crap. No one else in my house streaming netflix or torrenting etc. I have static ports set up for XBOX as per Microsoft’s recommendations (google it). XBOX reports NAT type 1.

I do rarely see people drop in and out of dungeons but I have never dropped a single frame during any fights.

I do get very minor lag when moving quickly through a populated area or when the game loads the next assets for an area, but nothing that hurts gameplay.

I am on the new PVP server and I set my channel to one that says “Low”.

I won’t speculate about why other people are having issues, nor am I here to brag, but if the problem really was with Tera itself, or the servers, then I suspect that EVERYONE would be affected, including me.

But 95% of my dungeon runs have gone great. The other 5%, people were DCd but usually came back. Sad that parties don’t auto-kick deserters though and add new players mid-stream like Diablo 3 does.

Anyway seeing as how this game is basically a Korea Diablo-style MMO, if the game is really giving you that much problems, maybe just try playing Diablo 3 and come back to this in a few months when the issues are ironed out. It’s just the first week guys. There are gonna be issues.


  • PS — I for one am really enjoying this game. It’s in way better shape than most other titles have been at launch. Look at the issues Sea of Thieves and No Man’s Sky had at launch. Just saying.
  • "I won’t speculate about why other people are having issues, nor am I here to brag, but if the problem really was with Tera itself, or the servers, then I suspect that EVERYONE would be affected, including me." Lag is a common issues in MMOs on PC and Consoles especially the issue is the Tera servers themselfs and the consoles limits at the same time. Internet speed, NAT, etc does play a role however the LAG is common place when MMOs come out saying its everyones internet etc. just isn't true.
  • Wow lol. Let me go spend 2 grand so I can play this free game that’s supposed to be a full release. Sounds great, good idea bro. And trust me if you think that all of that means that the problem isn’t with Tera’s severs, then you don’t know how the internet works lol. If the game can’t be run on a normal Xbox with normal internet, then there’s a [filtered] problem and the game SHOULD NOT have been released on console yet. I don’t think anyone in the world was waiting with bated breath for this game to come out lol. They could have done two more weeks of Beta and maybe some of us would be able to select a [filtered] server.
  • Hardware doesn't mean crap if it is a internet issue or server issue my dude.
  • Reducing latency:
    Reducing latency is a function of tuning, tweaking and upgrading both computer hardware and software and mechanical systems. Within a computer, latency can be removed or hidden by such techniques as prefetching (anticipating the need for data input requests) and multithreading or by using parallelism across multiple execution threads. Other steps to reduce latency and increase performance include uninstalling unnecessary programs, optimizing networking and software configurations and upgrading or overclocking hardware. you all can find more hear (https://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/latency)

  • Xbox One (day one release), Ethernet cable to a standard virgin Router........only occasional lag when in velik otherwise runs smooth... didn't spend an extra penny. I'm going with internet speed and high populated areas being the cause but do see a lot of people time out in dungeons and just assumed they were AFK for too long
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    Bull****. Seriously, I'll go ahead and call you a liar if nobody else will.

    Hardware is completely irrelevant when it comes to the lag spikes and crashes, as is your internet connection. Do you know why? Because the issues are on the game's end. Playing on the X1X with a high speed wired connection and all that may alleviate the issues a little, but you're a liar if you say that it mostly or entirely fixed them. I don't even know why you'd sit here trying to claim otherwise when anyone who's played the game for more than ten minutes should be well aware of the fact that every single one of us is experiencing performance issues.

    You can't blame my connection or something like that for teammates dropping out of more than 20% of my dungeons, especially when it sometimes happens to several people (I've had multiple Demo Factory runs where three people were kicked in a short timeframe, for example). The fact that you would even have the audacity to act like the issue isn't on the game's end is honestly mind-boggling.

    Like I keep telling people, you can like the game and still be willing to hold the devs accountable for stuff like this. Real fans are willing to acknowledge both the good and the bad because they want their games to be the best that they can be. You're doing both yourself and the game a disservice by sitting here lying and trying to play White Knight for the devs.
  • wait who's the white night lol :)
  • TGDarkis wrote: »
    wait who's the white night lol :)

    The liar that created the topic.
  • oh right lol, got well paranoid then wondering what I had done haha

  • Anyway seeing as how this game is basically a Korea Diablo-style MMO,

    This is not even in the same realm as Diablo....Diablo is an Action RPG. This is an MMORPG. Little different.

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    Server/Console combined problem. The game just requires to much resources out of the console to run smoothly as it should. I really hate that game companies do not offer the options to change graphic settings on consoles like they do with computers. I know the point is to get the best quality out of the game as possible on consoles, but it would cut down a lot on the heat problems & allow for a much smoother play. I have played many years off & on with the computer versions of Tera which are offered as a normal client or a steam client. The crashes hardly ever happen on the computer version or at least for me. Lag is an issue pretty much with any MMO as someone else had stated above. I was one of the players on computer who had suggested for Tera to be added to console, so yes there were some players who were excited for this game to come to console. Sadly the battlegrounds are completely different then the computer ones I am use to but I would guess those would have been more of a problem to load up on a console so they chose to make new ones for console. At this point in time I only plan on playing up to 65 then quitting until they have worked out most of the kinks, bugs, glitches, etc. I already hit level 60 a few days ago, then deleted the Reaper because I personally hate playing that class I just wanted to hit 60 faster. My Mystic is almost level 61 now which I mostly grinded with Vanguard mobs & quests. Zerks were my first love but for some reason I cant play them for crap on console with a controller so now my #1 favorite is the Mystics which are great for solo grinding & leveling.

    Its an old but great game in my opinion. It needs a lot of work, but that's true with any game even those less buggy & glitchy. I am sure that Enmasse will do their best to work things out if we all just give them time.

    I have little doubt its not a problem with peoples connections or ISPs being so many are having these same problems.
  • The only problems I have is that my XB1, even with all the graphics settings turned down, will give me an error stating "Textures temporarily reduced due to insufficient memory". Other than that, no real lag.
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    I read Xbox one x and realized this is a misleading post... bro just say Xbox one x... that's all
  • ...I really hope you know that internet speeds/consistency have precisely 0% to do with frames. The FPS drops you get in areas like Velika and certain dungeons are all down to poor optimization and the heavy CPU usage that comes with it. Literally nothing to do with lag at all. Now if you're noticing delay between abilities input vs activation then you have an issue with latency/packet loss/lag, but frames? That's all CPU bound.

    Also seeing as Tera is run on dedicated servers, sometimes that problem might not be on your end at all and could simply be a server issue.
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