Rp guild in Felbane PS4

I am seeing that there is no official rp server on the PS4, so, I'd like to create a guild on my server Felbane. I have been a forum rper for about 12 years now and was an rper on ESO. I would love to try my hand at a guild here on Tera. I would also like to hear what you guys would like to see in both an rp and a guild.

Thanks in advance!


  • Likewise! Err, I don't particularly want to *start* an RP guild, but I would love to be involved in one. I'm also on Felbane, and experienced forum RPer.

    *P.S. I'll be honest, I suck typing in the chat window and working on setting up my mic (I'm lazy at troubleshooting electronics.), but feel free to look me up in game. - Anastazia (Babyduckhat).
  • I will definitely look you up! Can find me Natiya (fookagirl21)

    Ps. Psn name isn't supposed to be something dirty, what it was supposed to be didn't get accepted. So had to change the lettering ^.^;
  • I, too would like to be apart of a rp guild. Sadly, I don't have a lot of experience when it comes to rping, but I can learn. I'm on Felbane as well.
    Sun-Zhou (xCelestialRainx)
  • Looking for likewise, add me. PSN: Vahleboy
  • Im making one now PSN Nu_Moonlight
  • Moonlight and I have now made a guild together called the Ordained Embers on Felbane. Currently working on the plot, come join us!!!
  • YAY! I've been waiting to see if there would be further development! I'll be coming as soon as I get a break to make a new character! :D
    PSN: HorridPoppet
  • Made a character today on Thulsa after reading the reddit thread before finding this thread. Is there still room in the guild?
  • PSN: Felhaust
    Add me.
  • Hmm. What's the status of this? I'm most likely going to make a character on this server and join. ^_^
  • AriaAzureAriaAzure
    edited April 2018
    Definitely interested in getting involved, Ive got a few years rp expierince and would like to surround myself with other individuals who want to get fully immersed. Add me if you like.
    PSN: AriaAzureskye
  • Not sure myself, but I created a new character on Felbane after maxing two on Thulsa in hopes of this guild working on. I sent a request yesterday and a message (as the description says you need to send a message). Here's hoping it's still live.
  • Is this guild still active?
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