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Priest - lightning strike in KDHM

When the lightning strikes, obviously we all try to get in the circle, take the hit, I AOE heal everyone and we're back.

When someone is impossibly far away, I have been avoiding pulling them for risking damage to the whole party.

In a scenario where someone is too far away for anyone to make it in time, is it considered prudent for me as the Priest to pull them out and risk heavy damage to everyone else? It seems counterintuitive...shouldn't I just let that player die for now, then res them when I have a second?

Thoughts encouraged, thanks.


  • Actually that has always been a strategy for well geared groups to have priest pulled the person stuck in the big lightning in exchange for more dps time. This is because the boss will do the massive aoe waves if the person is pulled, but during this time, he is stationary and is a great opportunity for DPS to get some good burn time in.
  • Jordansb1Jordansb1 ✭✭✭
    In my mind, I would say that heavy damage to everyone else in the party is better than a player dying, but that depends on the rest of the party's health.

    If for instance, your party was able to clear the dungeon within five minutes and took two damage from the first boss's attacks, then I think you can pull that one guy without any problems. Hyperbole aside, definitely think about how well your party has done up until that moment, and most importantly what is everyone's health at right now? I've seen this quite a few times where a priest pulls someone when they can't get to them in time for the lightning strike, but another party member is already at low health, so someone dies anyway. Try not to do that. I think that the goal here should be to avoid death as much as possible, so if the cost for that is damage to everyone else, then yes, pull them.

    So in summary, I guess it's really up to you, but in my opinion (especially since you can just heal everyone afterwards) heavy damage to everyone is better than letting someone else die, on top of the fact that it can help them not be toxic towards you after they die/after the dungeon is over, and it saves their crystals if they don't have dryad structures or crystalbinds.
  • Thanks guys, that helps.
  • dinnersdinners ✭✭✭
    let him die and learn. And save kaia for lighting or after light aoe.

    In normal mode, lighting circle happens on member who is closer to the boss. In hard mode, it will target one with further.
  • VenpaiVenpai ✭✭✭
    dinners wrote: »
    let him die and learn.

    you.... you know it's a mechanic that someone will be stunned into the cage, right? you can't avoid it. it'll happen.

    maybe play some dungeons and learn. :-1:
  • Venpai wrote: »
    dinners wrote: »
    let him die and learn.

    you.... you know it's a mechanic that someone will be stunned into the cage, right? you can't avoid it. it'll happen.

    maybe play some dungeons and learn. :-1:

    I think dinners meant that the person should learn not to be far away during this mechanic. In one guide I watched the op said that party members should stay close during small lightning bolts and then everybody would get in cage in time.
  • feazesherofeazeshero ✭✭✭
    edited June 2016
    With avg party, usually the best way to handle that is everyone stay close and not have 1 person go too far. If your taking the damage, then most or all people go in, casting kaia (if lancer tank, it's iron will is great use here and if gunner in pt, can use turret to help take dmg) and literally almost no one will take any damage in the circle. The person going too far continuously like that will cause trouble though. It forces the party having to go there.

    If its a good/skilled group and intend to skip the circle, I think it's possible to iframe the circle whoever is being targetted. I could be wrong though because one time on my gunner I was alone fighting him while everyone died in one of those trap runs I got involved in one time lol. I recalled out of the circle in time and didnt get stunned but obviously the boss went to his heavy aoe's. Not sure if i-frame works at circle and only skills like recall, retrubition or similar type of skills might work.

    And yeah usually priest can pull someone out and the group can iframe most of the aoe's while priest cast kaia to everyone, assuming everyone is within range.
  • CezzareCezzare ✭✭✭
    I'm not sure if it works in hm, but you can designate a guy to run away and start jumping so the small lightning knock him down, then he can use retaliate to avoid the stun and keep DPSing with the rest of the team.
  • YamazukiYamazuki ✭✭✭✭✭
    You can always pull, then use Kaia's Shield. With any decent group, as stated, the run will be slightly faster as all the dps will get free back crits on the boss as he stays still for a fairly long time. The shield will absorb a fair amount of damage and you can just using Healing Circle to heal most of the dps in one go.
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