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En Masse please do something about the Bellicarium time based grind.

Currently it takes 500,000 Bellicarium to make 1 Conflate weapon, this wouldn't be the worst thing except it is because there is a cap of like 200k Bellicarium you can get in 1 week, so that's like 3 weeks before you can obtain a PvP weapon, and that's just the weapon, you can have more characters and stuff but they'll just melt in fraywind equalized gear and unless they're healers they won't get into any other BGs.

En Masse either needs to lower the Recipe costs by a lot or uncap the credit gain.

Tensus never had to deal with this [filtered], you get the recipe for under 1000 KS as it's always been for PvP gear and you do a little grinding for credits and boxes, it was still time based but at least it was less work. More work is fine if it's not time based but to have to put forth this much effort and still not get a weapon for 3 weeks! 3 WEEKS! That's so dumb. Who decides this [filtered]?
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