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Beware of Fake Auctions to crash market prices (AKA Negotiation function needs a timer)

So this happened today:


8g? Click buy now:


Can't buy it, let me check the buyer:


OK, this is weird, let me check the seller:


Be careful of people trying to crash the prices of things so you end up posting them for under their current market values by abusing the negotiation function and leaving it there forever.


  • neoakneoak ✭✭
    Already people are falling victim to this:

  • neoakneoak ✭✭
    More victims

  • Lol somebody on TR was doing this with Spellbinds, Feedstock, and Alkahest around 1-2 weeks ago. Not gonna lie I managed to snipe listings and made at least 50k.

    Never knew you couldn't buy an item if the seller was in negotiation though. RIP to that seller who listed stacks of 500 T9 for this price a few minutes ago. :(
  • neoakneoak ✭✭
    I whispered the guy who listed the stacks of 500 to remove them but it was too late :(
  • neoakneoak ✭✭
    Stack of 1000 gone too.


  • MayJailerMayJailer
    edited June 2016
    Yea that almost happened to me a few minutes ago on TR.

    I was listing a stack of 1500 Tier 9 feedstock and almost put it for 8g each, but fortunately I noticed before and checked the prices again and realized that there was only a single feedstock listed for 8g. So I listed my stack for 16g each and 1 minute later someone tried to negotiate to buy them for 8g each.

    Annoying and rude.
  • I know someone who did this on their main. Have him on my block list :^). Maybe it's the same person?
  • NeianNeian ✭✭
    I noticed this on MT when I was putting Spellbinds up as well lol. I was like tf?? When did they become dirt cheap?? (they put it up for like 4g LOL). Might be the same person. I checked half a hour later and they were still there
  • vkobevkobe ✭✭✭✭✭
    why 8g and not 2 coppers ?
  • XaeraXaera ✭✭✭
    I am glad I always check prices myself before selling, rather than going with the recommended...
  • vkobe wrote: »
    why 8g and not 2 coppers ?
    Because that would be obviously fake. The perpetrator is banking on the fact that people know the price is dropping somewhat due to all the recent events, but haven't checked recently to see how far it's fallen, so might believe at a first glance that the price is reasonable. If it were like 2 copper or something, you would only catch people who really don't pay any attention at all (which, there are some, but not as many).
  • Man. Maybe one day I'll get a place where I can afford to just throw stuff in the trader.
    Right now I'm checking everything 1st, and trying to find any strategy I can to scrape as much gold us as possible while selling quickly.

    I can't imagine not checking. XD
    You must go through a lot of selling.
  • This is an easy way to trap people who can't be bothered to actually check prices before they list something. Protip: Always check the going prices before you list things and make sure you manually set the price instead of relying on the "lowest" price being accurate. Broker smarter, not lazier.
  • neoakneoak ✭✭
    Yeah, people in global, alliance and trade chat were saying that this is happening a lot recently. Someone is trying to be funny, but also a coward by using a lv. 1 alt instead of the main character.
  • EishaaEishaa ✭✭
    Wait, how were you able to know who the buyer was in order to inspect him? <w<
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