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Efficient Gold farm guide April 2018?

Need a good discussion of the best ways to farm gold please here is what I know,

The first guardian mission gives a vanguard reward of 600 gold this gives 900 gold for your first mission per character as the box is 300 gold average, so it is a good idea to do the first guardian mission on one of your characters then logout and do it again on another as it only takes about a minute. You can also do this 40 times per character but every mission beyond the first won't give any vanguard rewards. 40x300 =12k if you can be bothered to do guardian missions all day.

Island of Dawn lowest tier bams gives a reward box of 7 gold talents currently right now we get 2 boxes, this was nerfed I believe so the price of gold talents are a lot higher now usually it only gives 1 box I think on weekends or a certain day of the week it will give 2 boxes need someone to confirm this information please as I have not been active to know what is what anymore.

Ghileglade during double drop events.

Pit of Petrax during double drop events.

These are all what I know of for solo content another way is to que battlegrounds for jackpots but this requires good rng to get on the winning team.


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