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Masterwork Alkahest



  • ZalmZalm ✭✭✭
    P2W in a free game like tera is where you csn buy exclusive, stronger than farmed items that csnnot be obtained without paying. Buying items that you can just as easily farm without paying a red penny means its not p2w, its p2e (pay-to-enhance) as you are not winning by gear alone, since i can earn the same gear you bought.

    When p2e, you basically purchase thing to expedite, if not remove, the time locks on progress everyone has to deal with.

    When p2w, you buy things other players cannot obtain in any means that is superior to anything they will ever rightfully earn.
  • They give you with the quest rewards enough stuff to get to 410 super easy.
  • PrishanatorPrishanator ✭✭
    edited April 2018
    I´m currently IL 413 and i don´t remember spending much masterwork alkahest...

    With Lilith gear it will be hard to enhance it to +12 again though.

    Currently i´m running with the first gear you get from L65 instances, fully enhanced +12 and perfect rolled. You can easily reach IL 410 with it, just add the cheap accessoires you get from first 65 instances or currency shop.
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