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No open world PVP zones?

Just started playing the game a few days ago. Hit 65 yesterday, and got outlaw declaration. I'm on a pvp server, and I can flag. However, every area I go to says it is no pvp zone. I feel like I have looked all over the place. Is there a single spot in the game where the little white wing turns into the red gate?


  • Yea welcome to the new Tera. For some reason more and more regions throughout the map are being made a safezone. I find it particularly confusing why areas like IoD & Highwatch Outskirts are safezones as well. Anyways, to answer your question, you'll find people pvping the most in Velika Outskirts.
  • I just returned to Tera after few years and....Are U FKN KIDDING ME?....why da [filtered] there are PVP servers then?.....how did it happen?
  • • People complain about it enough and then the change happens. I don't know. I personally have no issue with pking lowbies and every area outside of towns being non-safezone. Infamy should've been heavier on pking lowbies.
    • GvGs are also messed up on a similar level, you can't scan, they don't end at 100 kills, and after you declare on someone, you can't declare again if they withdraw. :anguished:
    • Just gonna tag this on as well, the PvP leaderboards offer ZERO reward for being top 10 or even rank 1. Gone are the days of getting diamonds and titles.
    • Also wish Crusades/Alliance was still a thing.

    Kinda went off topic there, but It's quite unfortunate to see the state of PvP ever-deteriorating.
  • Well thx for the heads up....im not staying then
  • SinkraSinkra ✭✭
    I quit the game as well due to this. Really disappointing.
  • Yep, extremely idiotic.
    Last week i saw an afk 65 on Hw zone (far outside city).... The zone in marked as "PvP allowed" so i go Outlaw and try to hit him...Bug surprisse, none of my skills harm him... Stil dont know why. No safe zone, both 65, pvpallowedzone....

    GG Bhs. Keep sabotaging your own game.
  • I quit this game a time ago as well. Sometimes popping up to see on forums if there is any hope but I can see BHS does not really care about players.

    It is simple - make one, real PvP server, with lvl limit of 10+ and make all of us shut up and enjoy the game again. Those who join the server will have to agree to the rules - no crying upon death. Kill, be killed, learn to escape or don't join this server. Simple like that.

    Simple solution, everyone's happy. People come back. People = money.
  • Enmasse, agrega mas zonas pvp por favor, island of down por ejemplo.
  • Kira98Kira98 ✭✭✭
    IoD is a farming zone. And pvp is dying like servers :^)
    You can go to Velika outskirts for pvp. (sure if any do pvp right now :v)
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