Into the Furnace - Muhrak’s Workshop

Ok this game. ARGH. Wandering around in Habere looking for the teleportal to Muhrak’s Workshop for the Into the Furnace quest. Quest tracker Map “cannot be displayed for this area”. LOVE IT WHEN YOU GUYS DO THAT, BTW. Cause there’s nothing better than wasting time looking for something that has no marker on the map, no map, no nothing. There is nothing on the world map, when i teleport using the vanguard request it just brings me to Habere.

I saw somewhere on earlier forum that says the teleportal to the workshop is on the top “right or left of map”. Well i cant find anything like it.

Frustrated. Getting around in this game from point A to point B is the worst in any game i’ve ever played. The devs are NOT very intuitive when it comes to that at all. Do they think it’s fun not being able to find things? It’s not.


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    The workshop is in the north of the town.
    You can't miss it it is a big building.

    Edit: the tp is inside it.
  • Alright i somehow found it. I’ll try to explain here. As a landmark, face the actual teleportal in the town of Habere. Go forward and to the right of the Teleportal. As you circle around, you should be the Blacksmiths “Rukeb” and Turkey, next to the Weapon Merchant “Seirka”. Keeping them on the right, keep going you’ll see the ramp to Muhrak’s Teleportal right past them. Go inside, there it is. FFS i almost deleted this quest out of frustration.
  • No, believe me, you can miss it. There are tons of posts about this quest all over the internet without solution. Else i wouldn’t have been stumbling around the last hour looking for it.
  • thank you, I thought the mission might be bugged
  • Thank you! =)
  • The real mvp!
  • Not all heroes wear capes.
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    So if your standing in Habere and you bring up the local map,look on the east side and the map says murhaks workshop Entrance. Head to the end of that area and you see the TP marked muhraks workshop teleportal
  • It was a pain for me to find this the first time I did it as well. These "can't show location" need to be fixed to at least zoom out someplace useful. Though it would not help much in this case since the entrance is not really shown on the Habre map IIRC.
  • good lord, thanks guys this crap was about to drive me nuts
  • Lol this quest was an absolute joke literally NO information as to where that teleportal was at all, I ran around the damn room I met him and even went back there twice thinking I missed something, could have quit this game over that crap really it’s that awful please fix it and thanks op for the painstaking finding of this forge because I didn’t even go to habere I had no reason to!!!
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