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65 levels of learning nothing



  • ChristinChristin ✭✭✭✭
    Equitas wrote: »
    I know this "community" the TERA playerbase used to complain about how it took too long to level (it didn't), and sometimes they still do (it certainly doesn't now), but the current "easy mode" leveling system and constant bonus experience events are dangerous. You might be tired of the "learning your class" cliché, but there's a lot of truth behind it. People are allowed to breeze through to level 65 having learned nothing about what crystals to equip, what gear perks to set, and what rotations to use. Sometimes they'll show up in level 65 dungeons with zero crystals equipped whatsoever. I encountered a case like this earlier this week with a Priest I was matched with via IM. His response, when I told him he was missing crystals, was "I don't need crystals." Here is a snippet from the rest of the conversation:


    He was insecure, got offended I pointed out his lack of proper equipment, and started throwing around buzzwords/phrases like "dyads", and about how he runs harder content like RMHM on another character, while trying to slam my equipment and being totally incorrect in the process. I'm guessing he saw what's trendy on MT and decided to parrot that in an effort to make it look like he knew what he was talking about. He chose pride [over] constructive criticism and an opportunity to improve. The unfortunate part is that this game, and its players, enable that mentality by allowing people like that to continue to progress. This is why people like me feel the way we do about the experience rewards in this game, and why there doesn't need to be 2/4/6x xp boosts every time a new class or patch is released.

    After seeing your arrogance in global, this is exactly what I would expect from you.

    First, how does taking longer to level educate us on the classes? It doesn't. The questing system isn't class specific nor does it really educate us on much having to do with the classes. You're blaming aspects that have absolutely nothing to do with this situation. You could take weeks to get to 65 and still not have any crystals equipped.

    Second, the xp boosts and events are for experienced players as well as new players. Why should experienced players be punished, because you got salty over dying? I gather that's really what this is all about.

    Third, the only way to really learn a class is to either play it a lot at 65 or read guides and research the class. Neither would be a part of a longer leveling process. In fact, the skills we often depend on the most aren't even given to us until we reach 65; so playing for longer, at a lower level would not be of much service.
  • TheCatalystTheCatalyst ✭✭✭
    edited April 2018
    Gaming community's dirty little secret..
    This is literally one of many real reasons why healers are treated harshly in MMO.

    I guess those, 'newbie healers', we've been seeing in the dungeons doing nothing but spam healing, were not newbies at all.
  • years ago ..new player say "take too much time leveling , is boring and the dungeon are dificult " ,,, now "all dungeon lv low are too easy and dont learning nothing " ..
  • guides and tips everywhere .. just read a little
  • SageWinduSageWindu High Seat of the Jedi Council ✭✭✭✭✭
    guides and tips everywhere .. just read a little

    Why would I need to "just read a little" if everything up until that point hadn't been a problem? That is the major point of contention for me and several others here.
  • NopiNopi ✭✭✭✭✭
    I'll try to summarize what is needed to play a class properly in this game, in order. Do note that I'm a derp at most so I may make a mistake or two, but the general flow should be the same.

    First, of course, you need to max your level. The old game used to give a bit more emphasis on dungeons before max level, and sort of prepared people into AT LEAST their base role. Not on role specifics. Now we don't have that on the earlier dungeons, so this experience starts building up in the low tier end game. Or should. I had a few runs of Shattered Fleet and I saw a few no-no's here and there. But those details are subject for another thread.

    Second. After max level, you need to ready your glyphs and crystal setup. This is where the game starts to lack information. Though now the level 65 quest NPC that sends you to KC gives start up niveots as far as I remember. And the level 61 and 63 dungeons give green glyphs. Thing is, you are just given the stuff and not really told what to do with it nor it's importance in combat.

    Third. After you put on your gear, you are tossed into the dungeons with no info about what to do there. This is THE point where the game loses it's players and where people are expected (by the rest of the community) to alt-tab out of the client to start looking for stuff online to learn.

    Fourth and last. After several derps, a new player will decide if it's worth to keep going on and getting better at the game (after wiping a lot of being kicked from any party), or if it's time to lay down the sword and move on. This process is longer for some, shorter for some others. Some simply refuse to learn and become the toxics, while others simply 'git gud' and press on. And the last bit just stop logging and their accounts become dormant.

    I hope I have explained the identifiable part of the problem when starting up end game. I have already gave my ideas and propositions multiple times in these and the old forums so I'm not going to repeat. But I can say that the community has indeed the power to help newbies learn faster without much help from BHS or EME. We all just need to be on the same page and have the will to collectively do it.
  • Classic reason why I leave groups like that 1) the person doesn't have crystal 2) the other person complains that a person doesn't have crystals. 2 of the most annoying players ever.
  • JasonTERAJasonTERA ✭✭✭
    The real problem would be that there is no "Tutorial" that teaches people about TERA.

    Crystal? Surprisingly, too many players use wrong crystal or no crystal. Why?

    Dps rotation? Well, at least every skill has its own description and/or explanation about chaining. But do people read?

    Well for me, dps rotation is kind of "advanced" technique which a game does not really need to teach. However, in TERA, Crsytals are;

    1. Cheap and easy to get
    2. the most important thing that affect actual damage

    In most of the posts that argues crystal, some people said asking/forcing other players to use crystal is "Elitism" . Well, getting correct crystals is cheaper than enchanting guardian gears to twistshard. And, of course, Guardian gears with full crystal does more damage than twistshard gears with no crystal.

    I have asked EME and BHS about crystal patch such as;

    1. make a good tutorial so that players can learn about crystal in game
    - BHS has added a scroll with an explanation about PVP crystal with new bg patch which replaces Gridiron in KTERA.
    2. make players not being allowed to que IMS/BG que system when they have completely wrong crystal(e.g - hardy for BG) or empty crystal slots.
    - this can make people think about crystal and/or remind people in case they forgot about their crystal.
    3. make a crystal Lv system. Negatives for PVP crystal, neutral for PVPVE crystal, positive for PVE crystal, and set a crystal lv requirement for BG and dungeon que.
    - same reason for #2, but it will be more complicate for developers.

    Again, the real problem is "TERA does not teach players at all". And lots of people are being suffered by players who do not have any game info from outside of game itself. There must be a systematic limitation (like #2 or #3) for this or a good turtorials if BHS/EME want to keep new TERA players to settle down in t heir game.

  • Thats is fake I've learn from Rodos in level 64 quest , how to use the emotes buttons to pay respect to barakas, and use F to plant tombs or Dance. So weren't 65 levels of learning nothing. I learnt how to use emotes put graves and dance.
  • ElinUsagiElinUsagi ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2018
    Gatokatzen wrote: »
    Thats is fake I've learn from Rodos in level 64 quest , how to use the emotes buttons to pay respect to barakas, and use F to plant tombs or Dance. So weren't 65 levels of learning nothing. I learnt how to use emotes put graves and dance.

    You need no more at end game, you will kill your foes dancing, then put their graves and later use emotes to make fun of them.
  • NopiNopi ✭✭✭✭✭
    ElinUsagi wrote: »
    Gatokatzen wrote: »
    Thats is fake I've learn from Rodos in level 64 quest , how to use the emotes buttons to pay respect to barakas, and use F to plant tombs or Dance. So weren't 65 levels of learning nothing. I learnt how to use emotes put graves and dance.

    You need no more at end game, you will kill your foes dancing, then put their graves and later use emotes to make fun of them.

    In some other games, dancing can be useful for some battles.. like..
    They should make something like that for at least one of Tera's dungeons. Dance or ohko....
    Anyway. I'm derailing and I should be trying to sleep. My ear is mumbling things to me, and I don't like it.
  • Soon will be a new gameplay flying mount mission, finally people will learn how to use their flying mount xd, so game is progress in tutorials
  • wts tera for dummies
  • Slow leveling isn't at all necessary. I haven't played in years, returned and have most of my level 65s figured out already essentially starting from scratch with them. Warrior is the only class involved enough to require much arcane knowledge anyway, and I have it pretty well figured out after a day. Thread is pointless.
  • xheraxhera ✭✭
    edited April 2018
    Not wearing crystals is like going to the store not wearing a shirt(i am referring to all classes)(how does it feel not wearing a shirt in public? hmmmm). In my opinion, what you wear reflects you(generally). Are cruxes super mega expensive? Oh, its free as a reward if you do vanguard while you are leveling. How about if you are an old player? Fam, if you are and old player, what are you doing with your life???

    I have met a number of players who refuses to improve when i offer help(i don't mine if they refuses nicely,i just hope that our path wont cross again :^) even if you ask them nicely(i always ask politely if they are new so that they wont get offended or get a bad impression that i am just trash talking). Players who refuses to get better or say "i just play for fun",(yes fam, its super fun being shut) wont make it long anyway. Give it a little time and they might leave the game because they wont experience what "the end game" can really offer them.

    *sorry for the bad english, i am accepting english correction :)
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